5 Ways To Make Positive Intentions Work


5 Ways To Make Positive Intentions Work

We all have positive intentions but getting them to fruition is not guaranteed. The book, The Power of Positive Thinking, the classic by Norman Vincent Peale, published in 1952, generated a new wave of thought in psychology and management. From it, we learned that positive thoughts are more likely to generate positive results. Since then, countless books and studies have promoted this premise.

It seems simple enough, really pretty obvious, so why is it so hard to do? Why have we all, at some point, stated a goal or positive plan only to sidestep its completion? What I find is that people often need a little guidance in the process of change, whether it’s changing a thought, a lifestyle, or a business process.

The starting point is recognizing that we are made up of energy, even our thoughts, which is why having a positive one is so important. The thought creates an energetic projection that begins to draw like energy to it, good or bad. A strong positive thought usually generates some internal excitement and motivation along with more positive thoughts and actions. Conversely, a negative thought or expectation keeps you vigilant for its evidence along with the mental attitude and internal tension that matches.

You’ve seen the consequence of positive and negative thoughts; you know it from your own experience. You want something to happen but are ambivalent or are in disbelief that it will happen. The more you worry or fret over it happening, the more it doesn’t. Why? Because your dominant energy is one of negativity, not positive belief.

The energy responds to the dominant thought, not the wishful thought you don’t believe. But if you get one positive sign and perk up, believe in yourself, think more positively, act more positively about this good thing coming, guess what happens? Before long, what you want is bubbling up into your life. The new job, relationship, house, idea, business plan, it starts zooming in. I know about this. I’ve gone through it many times, the most recent being starting my business.

It took me too long to make the changes I wanted because of my ambivalence. Once I got clear, it all came to me.

How do you make positive intentions come to life? These 5 steps are the powerful tools to activate them.


First, make sure your intention represents your greater good. You know what I mean. It’s something that lifts you up in your life. It’s not something frivolous. It’s worthy of your full attention. When it’s important, the positive thought of what you’d like to bring into your life and the following steps will have a powerful, meaningful impact.


The next step with the intention is to translate it into visualization with rich content. See yourself living it. You are in the new job, the new relationship, the new clothes, the new project. Look at all the details of this situation – make the vision rich with the details of where, when, who, and what. See yourself moving around in it. See yourself living in a better situation.


Once you have the vision fleshed out – feel it. I mean really feel it. How does it feel? Find where the feeling lives in your body. Do you get excited – do you feel a rush of energy that makes you feel full of life? Do you feel good? Find that good feeling and relish it, savor it and memorize it. This feeling becomes the energetic projection that will help bring it in. Once you have it, you can call it in any time you have a doubt to help realign yourself.


It is normal to have doubt, but if you dwell on it you’ll derail yourself. Some fear of change is normal too; don’t let fear stop you from your positive focus. Remember the energetic projection follows the dominant thought. So if you trust your intention is meeting your greater good, you have to mentally adjust the contradictory thoughts. Watch your thought patterns. “Yes, but” mean No. “Maybe or I’ll Try” mean No. A clear and strong YES is what will bring things to you. Keep changing the thought patterns to the next better feeling thought to bring in the Yes set.


 Once you have done all these things, you can talk and act like it is happening now. Assume it is real. Enjoy the great feeling of it, and take the risks needed to bring it to pass, including making the financial investment needed. Step into this new reality mentally and physically as much as possible. You will be there soon.

All of these steps are examples of how the energetic “Law of Vibration” operates. Your thoughts and plans are energy. The “Law of Attraction”, which says like attracts like, is responsible for bringing more of what you are thinking into your life.

If you’d like support to make these principles work for you, reach out. My Transformational Therapy and Coaching are designed to help you implement this change process. You can reach me at www.spectrumtransformation.com. I’d be happy to hear from you.




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