Needed Now – Advocacy for Your Best Interests


Needed Now – Advocacy for Your Best Interests

There is a fight ahead for us and advocacy is needed in your best interests. I didn’t fully appreciate that I was living in a time of liberal thinking that could all be taken away so easily and systematically. Now I recognize that “conservative values” is just code language for greed, power, and control. This is a serious wake-up call for all of us. Your advocacy is needed now!

Personal choice around women’s rights to control what happens to their bodies is now controlled by conservative values misappropriated from the church. It’s not a reflection of the majority, but a minority of predominately white men interested in power and control. It’s a ruse to get votes. Interesting that most Catholic countries like Mexico, Spain, and Portugal don’t have a problem with this. And Muslim and Catholic countries like Mozambique, which often have strict social norms, have lifted bans. There are 64 countries that have lifted rules against women’s right to terminate a pregnancy. We are going backward.

What is particularly sad is that women with financial resources will find the means to travel where choice is honored, while women without those means will not have that ability. These are the same people who are criticized for being a burden on society for having children that need more social supports for which funding has been dramatically cut. (While the right screams that “Big Government Socialism” is out of control) And more alarming, we will likely see an increased death toll from women facing an unwanted pregnancy by trying home abortion and suicide. And this is pro-life? It’s heart-sickening.

While the recent gun control measures have made modest changes, the real danger from assault weapons for no purpose other than mass shootings remains untouched. This reflects the deep pocket of the NRA and the grip they have on our elected legislators. We are talking about millions per elected official. This is what conservative values really mean – greed, power, and control. It’s time we wake up.

What can you do?


It’s simple, vote for candidates at the local, state, and national levels who will represent women’s interests and denounce the gridlock of control over democracy and the values of decency. Encourage everyone you know to vote – help with candidates’ campaigns, transport people to the polls, and attend fundraisers. It’s back to the basics of grassroots advocacy.

Apathy is what has cost us our freedoms and liberties. We have to wake up and realize this is real, our democracy is crumbling and we have to ensure its protection. Get involved, do your homework, and support the candidate who reflects your values.


Aren’t you worn out and depressed by the divisiveness? It has been overwhelming and deeply discouraging. I know at times it’s easier to look the other way and stay in your own echo chamber. But you can help.

Be a reflection of what you want to see. Speak up and out when and wherever you can. Redirect faulty thinking. Get involved in things that make a difference locally or at any level. Your light is needed.


Believe it or not – there really are signs of hopefulness out there. Currently, the national consulting I’m doing for SAMHSA GAINS Center* is helping 12 cities and counties in 5 states create new service delivery systems that will respond to non-violent crises without arrest and without invasive police involvement. This is big and takes us in the right direction. And let me add, I consulted with 9 states last year around the same issue with the same eager response. There are reasons to be hopeful.

There is no divisiveness around this issue. The bipartisan support from typically red states and blue states is fantastic. There are majors, city council people, legislators, police chiefs, sheriffs, mental health agencies, health departments, paramedics, hospitals, shelters, and more all involved in local councils exploring and planning solutions for their problems at the local level, with states sponsoring pilot projects and endorsing systemic changes. It is happening right now! 

So, despite what you see on the news, there is hope and change is possible. Be an advocate for the change you want to see. Be proactive, be the light we need, and stay hopeful. Your advocacy and involvement have never been more necessary.

If you want support to be the change you want to see, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy is designed to help you be a reflection on your values. Go to and use my Free Consultation form. I’d love to help you get involved.




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