Are You “Waking Up” – Moving From 3D To 4th / 5th Dimension Awareness?


Are You “Waking Up” – Moving From 3D To 4th / 5th Dimension Awareness?

In spiritual and metaphysical circles, the talk of walking up and moving into 4th / 5th dimensional living has been going on for decades. The ascension of humans into more spiritual beings has been long predicted, with dates having come and gone, so this awakening may simply be in process. What does this mean for you?

For starters, the movement from our 3D oriented living to 4th / 5th dimensional awareness needs some explanation. It is at the heart of the work I do, though I have never called it this, so let me shine a light on this concept.

For the sake of simplicity, I am going to talk about the difference between 3rd dimension and 4th/5th dimension awareness as it pertains to our Mind, Body/Feelings and Soul. See if you can discern where you are in this process.  


In the 3D world, the ego rules; it is competitive, with winners and losers, and our worth is based on social and economic standing. There is a self-absorbed quality to it, tinged with fear and negative self-evaluation. At its worst, there is a need for control, domination, and power which permeate business and relationships. In interactions, social pleasantries and appearances are important, safer than being honest and real. There is a continual process of self-scrutiny based on how you measure up. It’s an uncomfortable place, where one rarely feels they have actually made it.

In the 4th dimension, thinking is radically altered to be big picture oriented, so you see yourself as part of a whole. You move from competition to collaboration, from power and control to cooperation and collective decision making. You focus is on solutions rather than your problems. There is understanding of other’s needs and perspectives without taking sides. There is less judgment, less fear and a lack of concern about what others think. You think and plan with clear intention, making effortless decisions so things fall in place. There’s a sense of maturity, to be able to think and handle things with ease.


In the 3D world, feelings and reactions are closely attached to your ego and ride a rollercoaster of ups and downs depending on how you think you’re doing. Your sense of self is often insecure and externally dependent on others’ perceptions and response to you. Reactions can be extreme with behaviors that match. With your body full of stress, worry and fear, symptoms of depression and anxiety can develop with a host of physical responses to match from HPB to chronic pain. The solutions are sought externally too, with pills, medical procedures, or relief with alcohol, drugs, spending and material things. You are often a mess internally, regardless of how well you are doing externally.

In the 4th dimension, the awareness of your interconnectedness to everything changes much of this. You focus internally, understanding your feelings and health, talking personal responsibility for decisions so you actually have what you want. There is more genuine joy, happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm. Trusting yourself to represent your best interests makes you real, relaxed, present, smiling and laughing. You can be peaceful, without stress and anger. Relationships are meaningful; love is real. The practice of yoga and meditation brings peace, emotional and physical health, with health issues addressed by knowing what you need. Internally, your mind and body are working together to say AHH.


Soul and spirituality in the 3D world are often externalized to organized religion or are not considered and ignored. Religions focus on being loyal to a structure with rules and expectations that define proper spiritual beliefs, actions and support. Some use fear to exert power, control and compliance. There can be judgement between belief systems with the assumption that one is right and others are wrong. This creates hated, conflict and violence worldwide. In our country, we’re witnessing the use of religion as a political weapon and tool to turn people against one another with increased divisiveness. Others don’t consider spirituality or the soul as important.

Soul and spirituality in the 4th/5th dimension sends you on a personal discovery process often supported by likeminded groups, practices and some religions. You develop your own connection to God, spirit, or source through meditation, prayer, using intuition and learning about your innate psychic abilities. You understand your interconnected to everything, knowing you makes a difference. The more you align with an entity greater than you, the more you understand your life purpose. You’re able to create alignment between your mind, body and soul. This internal and external congruency brings deep satisfaction and gratitude for life’s abundance.  As life orients to 4th/ 5th dimensional living, it’s easy to leave the 3D world behind.

Where do you see yourself in this process of moving from the 3D world to 4th/5th dimensional living? Is your mind worried, directed by ego or more relaxed, with clear big picture intentions? Is your body stressed, unhealthy, on an emotional roller coaster, or more at ease, managing feelings and staying healthy? Is the concept of spirit and soul unimportant or embraced in a controlling religion, or do you seek your own relationship with spirit and soul? Notice your own change process as you take responsibility for creating a healthy mind, body and spirit interconnectedness.

If you’d like help with this, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy is all about supporting your move into the more satisfying 4th /5th dimension living. Go to and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.




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