Brainwash Defense – Be Responsible For Your Mind


Brainwash Defense – Be Responsible For Your Mind

We are all targets for brainwashing – and if you back up far enough you can watch it come at you. From the political sound waves from both sides and the relentless advertising designed to target your preferences, to the forces of social media trying to shape our desires, we are inundated.

The only defense is to clearly know and take responsibility for your own mind. It is powerful, infinity capable, and flexible if we allow it. It requires a bit of skepticism, experience, and willingness to be decerning.

Here are some tactics to ensure you are in charge of your own thoughts.


Your wise mind is your higher order knowing that are able to discern the truth in situations. It rises above the noise, understands all perspectives, tends to stay neutral, and just observes. It often has a wisdom that is unlike any voice you hear. Rise above and ask – what does my wise mind think about this? Asking and allowing the answer will often give you immediate and surprising information.

This kind of perspective is not popular now. Our culture is inundated with the divisiveness of conflict, loud, strong, and even outrageous opinions, used as a tactic to get our attention. It’s disturbingly effective. A wise mind takes you away from all that drama. Use it regularly.


Your mind is also the regulator of your emotions. We tend to forget this, assuming emotions are their own thing. In reality, one feeds the other, with our mind being the regulator of our emotions, kind of like a gear shift. Our thoughts can change the direction and velocity of negative or positive emotions. You get to choose.

One of the marks of maturity is being able to manage your emotions. This is closely related to our ability to manage our thoughts. It is a skill set—practice focusing on the most positive perspective to regulate negative emotion. Change your perspective by changing your thoughts. It really does work.


If you consistently seek your wise mind view, you are finding a point of neutrality that accommodates both ends of the continuum of positive and negative or differing perspectives. It allows you to find balance, giving you a centering calming viewpoint.

It is in this neutral place that you will find your own voice, your own mind’s perspective. Whether you speak it out loud is your choice. But I hope you will give it a strong voice. The world needs your calming and wise perspective on things.

Bypass our culture’s desire to brainwash you. Find your own wise, neutral, and mature perspective. Control your emotions so you can maintain an even-keeled, mature way to manage the swing of emotions on any topic. You can be the neutral, wise one in the room on any subject.

Does this intrigue you? If you’d like support to find your own wise mind and maintain a calm, mature emotional perspective, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy specializes in helping people find their own wise and mature inner voices. Got o and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I’d love to hear from you. 




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