Doing What You Love Doesn’t Make It Easy


Doing What You Love Doesn’t Make It Easy

You may think that doing what you love would make it easy, but really everything takes work and sometimes hard work! if you want to do something big, be prepared, it’s going to be a lot.

This lesson is coming home to me lately. I am watching my husband bring a two-year music collaboration project with Senegal artist, Alioune Guisse, into its final phase of creation.* It has been huge, including musicians here and in Senegal, travel back and forth, and recording studios on both continents. I’m watching my friend, Kinga Mnich, develop an international bookazine and company; it too involves people across the world, many consultants, and long hours.** I’m working hard too, consulting across the US, supervising a diversion court, and providing therapy. I love it, but it isn’t always easy.

Here’s what I am noticing:

Do It For The Love First

If you don’t love what you do, you won’t be willing to put in the effort. Doing it for love means that your whole self is invested in it. It aligns with your values and your sense of self. Anything less won’t give you the commitment and energy to see things through when it’s hard. Lee is fully on with his project, as is Kinga, and so am I.

If your energy for what you do is failing short, check out your sense of commitment to the values and their alignment to who you are. Remind yourself of the “why” for what you do. Sometimes you need to push yourself and sometimes you need to take a rest. But, if it is no longer in alignment, it might be time to consider a change.

Know Making A Difference Is Worth The Effort

Given all the distress and issues in our world, anything you are doing that lifts people up and supports health, wellness, recovery, inclusion, gender equality, justice, environmental change, peace, and joy is needed. Making a difference in the quality of life, and supporting others or systems that serve the greater good is all important.

The effort anything important takes is big. Just seeing the amount of effort it has taken to create Lee’s international album, Kinga’s book and magazine, recovery services (my son’s work), changes in policing systems, and supervising a diversion court (my work), is at times mind-boggling. It’s humbling to see the amount of effort everything takes and realize it is all important, every single bit of it. Give yourself credit for your contribution – remind yourself how everything you do makes a difference.

Consider The Long Game

I get concerned when I hear people searching for short-term gains without considering their long-term goals. Both need to be understood and taken into account. Understanding the long game helps you pace yourself and recognize the many phases of what you are doing.

Being in school or training is hard, but necessary for your future, starting a business is complex but essential to meet your vision, writing the book, the album, or creating a new system of care all require a big effort. Keep that long-term vision in front of you for consistent and sustained energy. If it seems like too much, seek support as you need it – tutoring, consultation, additional help. Keep yourself moving forward.

No one said that doing what you love would be easy, so keep some essential principles in mind. Do it for the love, know that making a difference is worth the effort, and consider your long game. It will help you stay the course.

Does this speak to you? If you’d like support to stay with or find what you can do that makes a difference, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy is designed to help you live your purpose. Go to and use my Free Consultation form to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.

Alioune Guisse and Lee Carroll – The Senegal Project:

**Dr. Kinga Mnich –




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