Don’t Think You Have What It Takes To Meet Your Goals? Try This


Don’t Think You Have What It Takes To Meet Your Goals? Try This

You have a goal, but question if you have got what it takes to meet it? That was the surprise I found among people in my Clear and Relaunch workshop. We did a quick scramble to figure out a new way forward.

I took participants through a process to identify their personal strengths and values, the ones they use regularly in life. All that was great. But when I asked them what strengths they needed to relaunch themselves in a new way, numerous people said they didn’t have what they needed. What?

Here’s what we did – see if this works for you.


You may have great ideas about changes you want to make, things you want to do, but something stops you. We all dream a little, but how many of you let the dream fade because you think something doesn’t line up on the inside?

To my surprise, that’s what I discovered in the workshop. To meet their vision for themselves relaunching in a new way, they knew they needed something – like more independence, or leadership or discipline –  but that was exactly what they didn’t feel they had. Hmm – now what?


If you start by listing the personal strengths you have, I bet it will be a long list. Try looking up “strengths” online and use one of those lists to see how many you have. You’ll be surprised. These are your strengths of character that help define who you are. These are the qualities that you count on to see yourself through all kinds of hard times. Like being trustworthy, a problem solver, practical, kind, responsible and determined – to name a few.

Then notice how your values align with your strengths, giving you the reason to move yourself out into the world. Again, look that up and check against a list of “personal values”. You will notice your values often motivate you to do what you do. To be professional , respectful, service oriented, family first, connected, and committed – to name a few. Sit with these qualities and really appreciate them.


Now, back to your dream. What is it that you don’t think you have? Check against your list of strengths – I bet you can find something that you can double down on to make up for what’s missing. Like you don’t think you are a leader but, hello, you are super responsible, and others sure see you as their leader. You don’t think you are disciplined enough, but you sure are persistent. What about not enough independence, but you are a great problem solver and know how to work with others.

What blocks most people is their short sight self-concept. Take the time to really look at yourself and realize you have everything you need, right now. Truly. Use what you have and get help for the rest. I have blocked myself with thoughts like too old, too late, can’t do it. Bullshit – I sure know how to find the right people to help. No more excuses.  I’m getting the help I need to let my dreams find wings. You can too.

If you are blocking yourself from moving forward, try this. Look at your strengths – those personal qualities that define your character and appreciate how much you have. Then appreciate your values that motivate you to use your strengths in many settings. These are the qualities that will move you forward. Get help where you need it. You will be utilizing someone else’s strengths and making them very happy in the process. You are never alone.

Does this speak to you? If you want to make changes, but are stopping yourself, this is what I love to do – help people launch themselves in ways that align with who they really are. Reach out at and use my Free Consultation link. I’d love to hear from you.

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