Finding Meaning Within The Bustle And Noise


Finding Meaning Within The Bustle And Noise

Finding Meaning Within The Bustle And Noise

Finding meaning in the middle of all the busy, hustle bustle and noise of the season is a challenge, but one that brings sweet reward. The more I look for it, the more I find and the sweeter it becomes.

So, if you are like me, there are a mountain of things to do with shopping, wrapping, parties, trees, decorating. I haven’t simplified as others have with age; I still have all plates spinning and realize It must be my nature. But I have found the richness and meaning of it all that grows deeper and richer, like a fine wine.

Here are some thoughts – see if you can relate.


There is nothing more special to me than having a season dedicated to giving and receiving. This outpouring of love is profound if you step back and look at it. Finding the perfect expression of affection to give to someone you care about takes time and attention. How perfect is it to put your focus on loving others?

Be grateful for this opportunity to express love – it is a wonderful way to reframe the noise of materialism. It allows your heart to open and expand. It creates excitement and anticipation for the exchange. Let the love you feel lead you, fully fall into it and enjoy.


As simplistic as this may sound, there really is magic in the season. Notice the lights, the music, the decoration you have put up and the effort people have gone with theirs to make it special. As I walk my dog Bodhi, the lights dazzle my senses, reminding me to look with awe. My kittens’ joy with their first Christmas tree, batting at the lights and bulbs, bringing many down, is pure delight. Every shop I enter, I am surrounded. There is a tenderness underneath the materialistic noise that is precious.

Finding time to be present and take it all in will fill you with the peace that this season represents. Sit with it, find the feelings and let it melt your heart a bit. You know you need the time to breathe deep and relax. Find the right moments and fill yourself up. If your tank has been on empty, you need to refuel. It is peace and tenderness we all seek, and it is out there waiting for you to notice.


Regardless of your beliefs, this season can have meaning for you. From Hanukkah, to Christmas, Kwanzaa, to Wiccan, each have traditions and legends that honor this time of year. And there’s the Winter Solstice, having been celebrated since the beginning of recorded history, offering gratitude for the return of light.

Finding your meaning amidst the noise is important. The more you make it personal, the more you create traditions that make this time of year significant. Let this season speak to you and find the meaning that wants to be expressed through you. It will make you glad, with a full heart.

Finding meaning is the antidote to the stress of busyness. It will fill your heart will love and gratitude. If you sit still, you will find the peace and tenderness underneath the activity that will bring deeper meaning to this season. There is something special being with people you love, giving and receiving love. I send you mine, with best wishes for a meaningful and special holiday.

If you have trouble finding joy and connection in the holidays, please reach out. I would be happy to help you find meaning. You can reach me at, using my Free Consultation link. I would love to hear from you.





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