Finding Your Inner Wisdom

For most people, wisdom seems to be the pearls that are born out of difficulties. Like the grain of sand in the oyster, over time the constant turning of the experience in our mind produces a jewel of new awareness. It is from the other side of hardship that we often find the lessons in our trials.

But honestly, I believe we don’t have to suffer so much to get to our truth. There is an easier way.

And what about those problems that keep recycling? You know the ones where you say, “Oh, here we go again – now I’m about to feel…. victimized, hurt, poor, overwhelmed, confused, alone, unjustly treated” … you fill in the blank. How can we get to the root of them?

I will take you through a series of exercises that I developed which illuminate unhealthy patterns and enable you to step into your power and wisdom. These 5 steps will help you find your wisdom and discover the gifts of your soul’s knowledge.

STEP ONE – Make a Timeline

If you make a timeline of your life, you will undoubtedly think of both the good and bad things that have happened to you The tendency is to polarize life experiences as “The best ever” or “The most horrible”. But rarely are situations clearly black or white. We are just trained to think in polarities.

On your timeline, divide it into 4 chapters and note the good things above the line and the bad things below the line.

STEP TWO – Find the Patterns

When you look over your timeline, what do you notice? What are the patterns of good and bad? Do you notice polarities? They are the events, feelings, and behaviors that are the opposite of each other, on a continuum of negative to positive.

There are common patterns that people often experience like: loneliness vs love, fear vs. confidence, poverty vs. abundance, and struggle vs. flow. failure vs. success. Often on the negative end of the continuum, we think it defines us and that its opposite is illusive. But the solution usually lays on the positive end.

What struggles do you discover in your lifeline? These are often our life lessons.

STEP THREE – Experience the extreme contrast

Pick a pattern that is something you are currently working through, like feeling lonely and wanting more love or feeling poor and wanting more abundance. To understand the rollercoaster these polarities create in your mind, feelings, and behavior, I invite you to try the following experiment:

Imagine a line on the floor – one end is negative and the other end is positive. Using the poor vs. abundance example, start at the negative end, and remember the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that “poor” creates for you. Stand in those thoughts (I’ll always be poor.) and feelings (I’m not good enough.) until you have a clear sense of Its impact (I can’t go after what I want.). Identify all the ways you hold yourself back because of that state of mind. (There is no point in going after things I can’t have.)

When you are in that state of mind, you are longing for the contrast. So go to the other end and imagine your life as abundant. Notice how your thought and feelings change ((Life is full of awe, I feel joy and delight.) and all the behaviors this state of mind creates (I can have anything I want.). Stand in that contrasting thought/feeling state until you fully experience its power. Memorize its wonderful energy.

This is the rollercoaster that we experience when we go from one extreme to another – staying at one end, longing for the other, experiencing it briefly, and then falling right back down again. 

STEP FOUR – Find the Wisdom Perspective

Things are rarely black and white. There is a middle view that synthesizes the experience. If you look at a coin, you see the heads and tails on each side, like the polarity of yes or no, then notice the edge of the coin, it is the truth that binds the two perspectives.

If we are to stand above and view those same experiences from the point of neutrality, we can find the truth that reflects our wisdom. I call this the Wisdom Perspective. Here’s how you get to it:

Go to the middle of your line – this is the point of neutrality. Walk straight up from the line to create a triangle. From this higher vantage point, look at the pattern of thought, feeling, and behavior you experience in your polarity pattern.

What do you notice? Taking the lonely vs. love example, can you see how your thoughts (I’ll never find love.) affect your feelings (sad, lonely, and insecure) and then your behavior (act unworthy, stay on the sidelines). You often are creating the very situation that you long to get out of. When you are on the positive end (in love and full of joy), do you worry about losing it and set yourself up to fall right back down?

What is your truth – what does your soul know? The wisdom perspective tells us we are all loveable and meant to have abundance. The pattern of lack often comes from the cycle of our own thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

STEP FIVE – Choose What You Want To Be

Here is the most important part: You can choose where you want to be on the continuum. Feeling trapped is an illusion. From your point of neutrality, pick where you want to stand on the continuum between good and bad– this is your “set point”. Surely you picked a spot near the positive end. Go stand there and memorize the good thoughts, feelings, and behavior being in this wonderful place of abundance or love has to offer you.

Whenever you feel yourself slipping, you can dial yourself back up and get back into that more positive place. Practice those better feeling thoughts, change your feelings and engage in the behavior that is associated with them. Even if you have to “fake it, til you make it” (the AA slogan) you will automatically be placing yourself in a better place.

By practicing these 5 steps, you can illuminate and eliminate the rollercoaster cycle through difficult patterns that leave you lacking in life. You are innately wise, you can tap into this wisdom and claim the joy and abundance life has to offer.

If this speaks to you, I invite you to explore it for yourself. It is exhilarating to discover the positive potential your life has to offer. Go to my website www.spectrumtransformation.com and request a free consultation to discuss how this would work for you. I look forward to hearing from you!




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