Gifts of Attitude Change You Can Give Yourself To Make Your Holiday More Meaningful


Gifts of Attitude Change You Can Give Yourself To Make Your Holiday More Meaningful

The gifts of attitude change, particularly those that embrace a positive attitudinal shift, is something you can always give yourself. This is likely one of the easiest, most inexpensive way you can make your holidays more meaningful.

For many, the holidays are stressful, over loaded with memories that can be painful or lonely and difficult. How do you get through it if that is your reality? I have a sensitivity to this working with people involved in our court program. There are those whose children are no longer with them, or who have painful memories, and little resources for going on spending sprees for those they care about. The holidays can be very difficult and if you can relate, you are not alone.

Here are some thoughts on changing your focus to shift your attitude, to give yourself a more positive and meaningful holiday.  


Thinking about what you are grateful for is an automatic way of switching your mind from what is missing to what is present. It relaxes the body, puts a slight smile on your face that literally moves you from tucking yourself away inside for self-protection to moving yourself outside with gladness.

A regular practice of noting your appreciation for who is in your life, to the places and things you enjoy, the experiences that you can anticipate with gladness to the blessings in your life can help pull you out of feeling down or lonely. It also can give you the energy to put yourself out in the world with a little more positivity.


A forward hopeful perspective is often the most helpful thing you can offer yourself. Despite our lack of control over the woes of politics, poverty and war, you do have control over your own life. Make note of what you are doing for yourself or plan to do to bolster a perspective that things will be better in your life.

We all have the ability to change for the positive. This can mean anything from making deliberate self-improvements, moving someplace nicer, cultivating good friends, going to school, getting a better job or just knowing that this too will pass. Having a hopeful attitude that you are and will be ok can help make this holiday different from others.


The gift of a positive and kind attitude toward others is actually priceless. We all need it and want it and yet the focus on the exchange of stuff, which most of us don’t need or want, overshadows its impact and importance.

Think of all the ways you can show and express kindness. A card with sweet thoughts and expressions of appreciation is almost a lost art but often more meaningful than things. Think of the spoken word of gratitude, love or thankfulness as a gift and realize how much you can give. It is an act of giving that will lift you up.


Many people are alone at holidays, with family far away or estranged. Gathering your friends around is a meaningful way to give holidays structure and meaning that for many, is a positive replacement for experiences that are difficult.

If you can, invite others who are alone to join you. Cook together, share a holiday meal and pass along some cheer that will make a big difference to your own and others experience. We are happier when connected in community so reach out to others, draw them in and share some cheer.

Shifting your attitude is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your holidays more meaningful. Some of the things that make a difference include focusing on what you have gratitude for, thinking forward with hope, noticing the positives in your life.

Consider the gift of kindness and who you can extend that to and include your found family in your holiday plans. All these will lift your spirits and give new meaning to your holiday.

Does this speak to you? If you want to explore how you can make attitudinal shifts, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy can help. Go to and use my Free Consultation link. I’d be happy to hear from you.




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