How Polarity Helps Us Gain Clarity In The Midst Of Chaos

Are you feeling battered by events you can’t control and don’t like? We all seem caught in a polarity of not liking what’s happening and looking for better alternatives. It’s this polarity that will help us get clear and determined in the midst of chaos.

Most of us are feeling the impact of uncertainty and turmoil from contentious political events, devastating weather and negative news. With chaos all around, the one thing that’s apparent is that it becomes a motivation to think about and seek what you do want.

This is the nature of polarity. Everything exists on a continuum of positive and negative aspects of any subject. Here are ways that the current turmoil can help initiate your own transformation toward new thoughts and actions.


Do you find yourself reacting to the events around Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination, the signs of devastating climate change and news of more EPA rollbacks? What about other things in your life? If you’re experiencing outrage over things you don’t have control over or dealing with your own triggered memories, you may be wondering what to do. It’s difficult to be a bystander.

Your strong emotions are a perfect place to start using the Law of Polarity as a guide to something better. The more pronounced the emotion, the more it indicated that you are ready for change and something different.

Noticing the negative helps you identify the change you desire.


Rather than focusing on how awful things are, spend  time considering what it is  you’d like. What are you wishing for?

At the other end of chaotic disruption is order and decency. What does that mean to you and do you have enough of it in your life? Consider what would create a sense of stability and wholesomeness. Any steps you take to bring additional peace and harmony into your life moves you closer to creating an antidote to the turmoil around you and others.

Focusing on what you desire shifts you from focusing on the negative to positive.  


If you’d like to lift and redirect the disruption around you, it helps to find others to bond with who have the same desires. Your powerful intentions become magnified when you join other like-minded people.

The benefit of bringing positive, like-minded people together is that it disperses, lifts and changes the negative energetics around you. When enough people do this, it creates a dynamic shift that has optimistic momentum. Others pick up on it and want to join. Change can happen simply and quickly in this new uplifting, progressive environment.

The energetic Law of Vibration builds momentum as “like attracts like”.


While not everyone is cut out for politics, taking action toward things that bring you peace and stability can make a difference. It can include anything that gives you pleasure, from yoga classes, poetry readings, art exhibits, musical events to yes, even attending political gatherings. If negative memories are being triggered, maybe it’s time to talk to someone about them.

Put your attention and your actions toward what you want to see. Imagine your peace of mind. All contributions make a difference in shifting the balance of the scale from chaos to harmony.

Your focused action toward what you want to see is the beginning of the change you seek.

It the midst of turmoil, we have more choices than we are often aware. Focusing on the bad feelings and doing nothing amplifies the negative feelings and sense of powerlessness. This can be simply and easily changed by using the Law of Polarity  as a guide. Pay attention to what you don’t like, enough to understand what you’re wishing for in contrast. Guide your thoughts to what you long for and honor those desires by seeking out like minded people. When you take action around the things you want or memories you want to clear out, with like-minded people who support the change you seek, you literally create a energetic shift that can bring on real change.

Are you wishing for things to be different in your life? Whether it is from the current political climate or unaddressed personal or professional issues, my Transformation Life Coaching and Counseling can help. I will be conducting a workshop related to this this on October 20-21st. See my event “Clear and Reboot” on Facebook for more information Or  go to my website if you’d like individual help creating transformation in your life. I’d love to hear from you.

Photo credits: Florence storm picture by Frank Pompa, USA TODAY, Jamaica Calm by C. Milligan




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