How To Make Those Tough, life Altering Decisions

We are facing some tense and difficult business decisions. Either way, it’ll change our life. Do we cut our losses and move on or push to get through in hopes things will get better? It’s a risk either way.

In figuring it out, I realized that my tendency to be loyal and sentimental makes it hard to make a clear decision. When things are obviously bad, it’s easy for me to cut my losses and move on. But in that in-between stage, before it’s crystal clear, I found myself vacillating. When I started feeling anxious about it, I knew I needed a different way to look at our situation.

To get clear, I utilized my favorite therapeutic technique to assess and make clear decisions. It worked immediately for me! Here’s how you can use the Mind, Body, Soul perspective to determine the best course of action in a difficult decision. See if it helps you with those tough decision – you know – career changes, love relations, moving, business moves.


Notice I’m starting with the soul perspective first. It important to find and understand the soul’s bigger picture view. It establishes the framework around which our thoughts and feelings will align. We can become bogged down in an endless loop of thoughts and feelings, getting stuck trying to make sense of conflicting and vacillating variations. The soul’s perspective will cut though all that

Look at the decision you are facing by narrowing it down to just a few choices. Then while considering those choices, ask yourself these questions. This helps define your soul perspective:

  • Given we are always in many different cycles of birth, growth and death – where is this cycle and what is wanting to happen?
  • Which choice represents my greater good and best interests?
  • Which choice allows me to develop my full potential?

Your soul knows the truth quickly, cutting through all the thoughts and feeling and allows you to see situations more clearly.


Our thoughts tend to reflect a combination of emotion and social conditioning. We can become entangled and engrained in patterns of thinking to the point that it creates a well-worn groove that keeps us stuck. Creating a clear perspective takes looking at things more objectively.

Your wise mind guides your thoughts based on the truth you just learned from your soul. Considering your soul’s perspective, allow your thoughts about the choices you are facing to reveal themselves to you.

  • Which choice do you think resonates with your values and the truth of who you are?
  • Think about the choice that allows you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Imagine the best possible scenario in each situation, what’s the most realistic?

From the wise mind perspective, notice how your thoughts about each situation become grounded in your truth and wisdom about yourself.


Your body not only communicates your emotions, it’s also provides intuitive feedback and information about how you are functioning physically. All combined, this is like buried treasure. When we can bring it all to the surface to clearly decipher it’s meaning, we have a more complete picture.

What emotion is guiding your choice? Strong emotion often stops us in our tracks, thinking that’s the full story, when it may just be fear talking. Is fear self-protection, or a reaction from old trauma? Intuition can provide instant knowing that the body registers – allow it to enter your consciousness. Additionally, let your body’s reactions to situations, relaxed or constricted, inform you as well. Let these questions guide you to pull all this body intelligence into the light.

  • What emotions are guiding your decision – is it different for each choice and do you trust its wisdom or is it fear talking?
  • What are your instincts saying to you – how is this information coming to you?
  • How is your body reacting to your situation? Does it react differently to each choice and what does that tell you?

Allow all this body wisdom to inform your mind and notice how it lines up with your soul wisdom.

When all three of your Soul, Mind and Body wisdoms are understood, it will become aligned around a clear choice. This process easily clarified my situation. Suddenly you’ll see that your difficult decision may not be as tough as you initially thought. Each facet of our Soul, Mind and  Body offers its own knowledge, both separate and integrated with each other. Knowing your soul perspective helps you tap into your wise mind and then your body wisdom will inform you more clearly as well.  Try using all three to make your next difficult decision and see how it clarifies what’s most important.

If you’d like to learn  how to read your own internal wisdom of your Soul, Mind and Body, reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Therapy uses this technique and others to help you discover, claim and act on your truth. Go to for more information on how my services can help . Discover how to rely on your own wisdom for all of life’s major decisions!

Photo credit –  Javier Allegue Barros for unsplash

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