IT’S IMPORTANT – Find New Focus Within The Turmoil


IT’S IMPORTANT – Find New Focus Within The Turmoil

nov-leavesWhile you may be ready to move on, it’s apparent  the nation is still reeling from the elections. People continue to process the shock, regardless of their vote. The media and social media continue to report protests, confrontations in public, bullying among school children, and endless opinions. Nevertheless, there are signs of compassion and positive interactions and a desire for unity everywhere. You have to look for it.

It seems more evident than ever, the power of focused attention is creating a vortex of swirling and very powerful emotion that keeps drawing more chaos into it. This is one of the laws of the universe at work – The Law of Vibration and its more commonly known subset, the Law of Attraction – showing us something very important.

Whatever you consistently focus your attention on always brings more of it’s like-kind to you. We have ourselves to blame for the election outcome and follow-up turmoil. Everyone’s attention, on both sides, has been on what we don’t want. Of course, there are other complicating factors, but that one must be acknowledged.

How can we collectively create a more positive and productive shift to reduce turmoil and constructively move ahead? Here are some thoughts:


As an example of the power of the Law of Vibration, let’s try this simple test:

·     Take a minute and look around your surroundings for everything red.

·     Make a mental note of the number of red things you see.  Got it?

·     Now, I ask you, how many things did you notice that are blue?

You weren’t looking for blue, were you? You were too busy noticing red. That’s how this law works; we find what we are expectantly looking for.

If you want to create a more positive environment around you and inside you, you must shift your focus to the positive expectations you have. Then as you notice them, your mood and attitude shifts. You become an active mirror for those things and in short time, more of them will come into your field of awareness. In fact, the more consistent you are with your shift in attention, you become a catalyst to bring what you are looking for into being. It is an energetic law that always, unfailingly works.

Since I’ve become aware of my role in stoking the fires of the drama by watching and being part of the media frenzy, I’ve been working to shift my focus to look for the evidence of the values I hold dear. The evidence is everywhere.

There’s the post-it notes supportive art project in the NYC subway station and the story of the CEO of Starbucks urging employees to show kindness to all customers. In Lexington, there’s a city wide multi-media art project to “Unlearn Fear and Hate”. At Centered, where I have my office, an empowerment weekend of self-care was launched for 3 days. (See these story references at the end of the post)

Pay attention to what you want to see happen in your world, not what you don’t. Your focused attention helps create the change. 


How do you want to feel right now? If your emotions are high and full of hurt, anger, disappointment or fear, not only are you creating more of it internally, you are projecting it into the world.

Ram Dass said it well:

“The world is a reflection of our internal state; if we dwell on turmoil, anger and confusion then that is how the world will be perceived to an individual. You have to work on yourself first before you can effectively take any social or political action. A quiet mind and and an open heart are important attributes to project into the world”

It is more important than ever to engage in a mindful practice now. This can include many wonderful things that will help smooth and redirect your mind.

·     A simple meditation practice of deep breathing and silence reduces the destructive chatter that occupies your mind.

·     Walk, get outside and notice the beauty of nature to quiet and sooth your mind.

·     Watch your pets, the birds, squirrels or other animals around you – they are simply going about their day. You can too.

·     Savor the simple things – good food, beautiful music, a smile, laughter, a lovely picture.

·     Slow down, breath more deeply, drink more water and notice what gives you pleasure. The relief is immediate.

Taking care of yourself puts you in a better place to think more clearly and be a conscious agent for what you want to see happen.


When we feel good about ourselves, it is easier and natural to extend those good feelings to others. Showing compassion to others helps redirect the energy of anger, hurt and fear to its antidote – love.

This quote by Martin Luther King expresses it well:

“Darkness cannot drive out our darkness, only light can do that.

Hatred cannot drive out our hatred, only love can do that.”

How can you be an agent of change by showing more compassion? The Facebook post about a woman who paid for the food order of the family behind her in the drive through, after watching them make fun of her campaign stickers, illustrates this point. More smiles, more kind words, more acts of generosity will not only make you feel better, it will lift and change the recipients. The reciprocity will come.

When you lift up your corner of the world with words and acts of kindness, the ripple effect will extend outward.


Finally, though certainly not least, put your attention on the things that are important to you by taking action… volunteer, made donations, speak up, write letters to your legislators, join action groups. It won’t help to complain. Putting action behind your beliefs is what makes change happen.

I love what Margaret Meade said:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

I’ve lived these words throughout my career, having helped initiate numerous important state and local changes. I can speak to the immense satisfaction that comes from taking action. We can make things happen – just get clear and focused on what it is.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

I hope this inspires some changes for you. Allow yourself to focus on the things that reflect the values and behaviors that you want to see. Allow your own self-care to create the internal calm and peace that can then be extended out with compassion and then take action. Our country and the world needs this from all of us now.

If you’d like help knowing more about how the Law of Attraction works or want support in developing life enhancing practices like mediation, mindfulness, compassion and activism, I welcome you to reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching, Counseling and Training is designed to help you embrace your greatest potential. See my website for more details and use the Free Consultation button to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.


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