RELAUNCH  – Make Your Transformation Happen!

Last week I wrote  “Clear Out What No Longer Serves You”, on the beginning steps to relaunch yourself in a new, more aligned direction. This week I’ll explore the second part that helps “Make Your Transformation Happen”. I’ll review the importance of creating a strength based vision for yourself, using your genuine excitement to attract what you want and engaging helpful collaborators for change, all before taking any action.

These posts are an introduction to the “RELAUNCH – Make Your Transformation Happen” workshop I’m conducting in two weeks on Saturday October 7 and Sunday October 8h from 1:00-4:00 at Centered. (To register, call 859-721-1841 or go to

What’s involved in relaunching yourself? Here is an overview of the second course that helps make it happen:


Any change you seek is easier when you start from a place of strength, confidence and determination. In fact, it’s usually the lack of those things that impede our progress the most. So, what can you do to give yourself a needed boost?

When you look at yourself and the changes you seek from your soul’s perspective, it aligns you to your greatest good. The soul only sees your assets and full potential. Approaching change from the soul’s viewpoint helps you counter the ego’s tendency to thwart change as it seeks to protect you from failure or humiliation.

If you can understand fear as normal and recognize it as a motivator rather than a sign that change is wrong, it’s much easier to push through it. Any internal dialog along the lines of “it’ll never work” can be dismissed with assurance.

In the class, you’ll be guided to identify your soul’s perspective and input into your change process through a meditation process. It’ll also help you identify your soul and ego strengths that will support your relaunch. With the soul and ego aligned, it’s much easier to be confident.

Your soul sees your strengths so your ego can do the work to make your relaunch happen.


Change is often initiated because you don’t like the contrast of where you are now compared to what you want to be. Contrast is a helpful motivator. It’s a polarity that helps you more clearly define what you want, with a goal to align yourself inside and outside.

There’s a 3-step process to creating a vision that will effectively get you where you want to be:

  1. Create a VISUAL IMAGE of what you want – see yourself in it, living the life you want, like watching a movie. The more detailed the better.
  2. ADD THE FEELINGS you’ll have in this movie. Allow yourself to experience the joy, comfort, satisfaction, respect, or success you seek.
  3. IMAGINE A SYMBOL of the change you seek – focus on it or actually have something that represents your relaunch around you.

This process, done through meditation, helps you connect to the excitement and energy of your Relaunch. You’re actually preparing your change energetically without doing a thing!

A vision that you see, feel and have symbolically represented helps your change take form.


With your vision of your change in mind, you begin energetically launching yourself to attract the right people, situations, and information to make it happen.  You are positioning yourself to be a reflection of what you want to attract.

There are a few other things that help you be aligned, so the expression “like attracts like” will work for you.

  1. Use GRATITUDE to amplify the change you seek. Notice everything you like about your current situation – being appreciative keeps you positive so you will be better match for a better situation
  2. Live each day with the positive knowing that your change is COMPLETE. Believing in it enhances your positivity and changes the way you think and feel.
  3. Notice the SUBTLE SIGNS that everything you want is in the process of coming to you. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey that has many stages – notice them and enjoy the ride you are on.

Once you realize you are in the flow of your change process, you’ll notice wonderful new thoughts, feelings and experiences. There is joy and satisfaction, maybe even a new found calm and peace that comes from being congruent with who you really are. You’ll be planting your seeds of attraction.

Reflect what you want to attract and the path begins to roll out in front of you.


We forget that we choose who is in our life. Do you have the right people at your side to support your change?  Moving out of one situation into something better can be more effortless when you have the right people on your team.

Who supports your change?  That’s who you want to identify. Reach out and include only the ones who are most helpful. If you are battling nay-sayers, keep them out of the conversation. It may mean changing friendship patterns to bring your supporters closer. You want only those who will champion your new launch!

Pick your supporters, the encouragement helps.


Before you do anything, positive preparation of your thoughts and feelings precede action steps. It’s an inside job first, then your outside action steps come easily.

It’s also helpful to go back to the clearing out process and check if anything else needs to be released . Often there are protective thoughts that your ego brings up that create fear. Ask yourself if this is an old pattern that’s blocked you before that needs to be eliminated.  If there is fear, it’s hard to act. How can you refocus your thoughts and feelings so action is effortless?

When you shift your thoughts and feeling to allow excited expectation, you’ll be in a state of grace, where taking action is simple and easy. You do one thing at a time and the next step defines itself.  The more positive, clear and intentional you are, the more likely your action steps are easy, allowing your transformation to float in.

When you can enjoy your transformation process, rather than pushing hard to make things happen, your actions are an easy part of the flow.

Is this helpful? I am teaching what I know works, having taken these steps myself both personally and professionally. It is based on ancient wisdom traditions and the energetic principles of change. If you’re interested, register for my “RELAUNCH – Make Your Transformation Happen” workshop on October 7 and thh from 1:00-4:00. Call CENTERED at 859-721-1841.

For more information, see my website  I’m happy to consult with you to see if this will meet your needs.  You can message me by using my Free Consultation tab.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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Each weekly newsletter offers insights into the process that governs self discovery, manifesting miracles and personal transformation.  In addition, you will receive announcements about upcoming workshops and other special events.

This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!