beach-pathLast week. I wrote about the first steps to “Starting Over”, focusing on clearing out unhelpful patterns. This week. I’ll explore what it takes to “Relaunch Your Life”. We’ll look at the importance of creating a strength based vision for yourself, engaging helpful collaborators for change, and creating a vision that produces genuine excitement before taking any action.

These posts are an introduction to the workshop I’m conducting next weekend Saturday October 15 and Sunday October 16th from 1:00-4:00 at Centered. (To register, call 859-420-5325 or go to www.centerdlex,com)

Last years’ participants had wonderful epiphanies, “No experiences are wasted” said one person, with a quick response from another; “Even though not all experiences are treasured”. Yes, we are a product of our experiences. Being in a bad place can be the catalyst to make the changes we seek.

What’s involved in getting yourself relaunched? Here is an overview of the second course that will help make it happen:


Don’t you want a clear launching pad to initiate change? It’s much easier to do when you are coming from a place of strength, determination and confidence. Making that happen means shoring yourself up so you are mentally prepared.

Recognizing your strengths from your soul’s vantage point helps you engage the mind’s most positive perspectives. The soul only sees your assets and greatest potential. Approaching any change from the soul’s viewpoint helps you counter the ego’s tendency to worry and protect you from failure or humiliation.

Isn’t it helpful to re-frame the common fearful, self-sabotaging thoughts that occur as misguided protection before taking a leap? Any internal dialog along the lines of “it’ll never work” can be dismissed with reassurance.

Through a guided meditation, you’ll be able to identify your soul’s perspective and input into your change process. With the soul in charge of initiating your change process, it’s much easier to be confident.

Your soul sees your strength; it tells the ego to “relax – I got this”


Moving out of one situation into something better can be more effortless when you have the right people at your side. We all have a cast of characters in our life, including our family and loved ones, our friends, colleagues and associates in the community and across the world. Who supports your change? That’s who you want to identify.

What’s most important is recognizing that you choose who’s involved in your change process. Reach out and include only the ones who are most helpful. If you are battling nay-sayers, keep them out of the conversation. It may mean changing friendship patterns to bring your supporters closer. Who will champion your new launch?

Pick your supporters, because encouragement helps.


The more responsibility you take to create the vision of your new situation in detail, the more likely you are to receive exactly what you want. It’s like playing a board game – it’s always better to be the mover than the pawn. It’s like being the driver of the car instead of the passenger – you create the direction and make the turns. Being the creator of your vision, rather than going along with someone else’s, is what’s most important.

Your ideas generate excitement and energy that builds. The more attention you place on it, the more your thoughts and plans become personalized with the energetic qualities that can make it materialize. You are mentally beginning the process of stepping in and making it real.

Through meditation, we will create the fantasy of change in your mind, try it on and make sure it fits. Does it give you the qualitative change you seek?

A vision generates momentum that gets you moving.


You know the sayings “birds of a feather flock together” and “like attracts like”? That’s what we are going for here when I say plant seeds of attraction. You want to be a reflection of what you want to attract. It happens like this:

Once you have a vision that aligns your mind, body and spirit (as reviewed in last week’s post, you begin to feel it. Relish the emotional and physical contrast to where you are now. As the fantasy plays out in your mind, you are planting seeds of attraction. They open you to actually bring in this new reality.

You’ll notice wonderful new thoughts and feelings. There is joy and satisfaction, maybe even a new found calm and peace that comes from being congruent with who you really are. You’ll generate thoughts that are more positive in anticipation of your change. Your body will relax and be more open. The physical stress reactions you’ve been having will decrease. You’ll smile more often.

With these things in place, the path will literally roll out in front of you. New unexpected opportunities and chance meetings will seemingly magically appear. The right people show up, doors open. People around you are happy because you’re happy – it starts a chain reaction!

Reflect what you want to attract and the path rolls out for you.


Now you can start the action steps. When you have done all this preparatory work on the inside, taking the action steps on the outside is easier.

What is first most logical step? Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the details, just start with one thing at a time. Is it job hunting, is it having a conversation about your relationship? What’s the best most logical and easy step? Take it and then the next.

Notice the protective thoughts that your ego brings up. If there is fear, it’s hard to take action. What do you need to do so your ego is not concerned? Take those steps; reconnect to your soul’s vision of standing in your greatness and amp up your confidence to take the next steps. You are building your launching pad, one step at a time.

Be realistic – give yourself as much time as you need. Pace yourself. The timetable is your own; make it comfortable and doable.

Enjoy the change process. You can do this!

Is this helpful? I am teaching what I know works, having taken these steps myself both personally and professionally. It is based on ancient wisdom traditions and the energetic principles of change. If you’re interested, register for my “STARTING OVER – Relaunch Your Life in Any Area” workshop on October 15 and 16th from 1:00-4:00. Contact CENTERED at 859-420-5325 or www.centerdlex,com .

For more information, see my websitewww.spectrumtransformation.com. I’m happy to consult with you to see if this will meet your needs. You can message me by using my Free Consultation tab. I look forward to hearing from you!





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