STARTING OVER – Clearing Out What Doesn’t Work


STARTING OVER – Clearing Out What Doesn’t Work


Have you ever had a wake up call where you look around and say – this isn’t working – It’s time to make a change? Whether it comes from a quiet voice inside or on the heels of struggle that has finally come to a head, you know if you don’t follow your instincts to make a change, you will suffer. I’ve done this both personally and professionally. The hardest part was getting past my own resistance. Now that I’ve made the changes, I can say I have the life of my dreams!
     Now is a good time to contemplate what wants to be cleared from your daily experience to start anew. The tradition of starting school and renewing engagement in work after summer puts us in the mindset to reconsider our priorities. It can be life altering when you heed the call for change. Can you imagine living with full joy and abundance – you can!
     I’m conducting two consecutive workshops on October 15 and 16 that explore how to break out of old patterns and reestablish yourself in ones that enhance your greatest good. It can help you launch yourself in ways that bring your strengths and talents to the front.

Allow me to review some of the initial steps in “Starting Over” which will be the focus of the first workshop.


      Before any change can happen, it’s important to clearly identify what needs to be removed from your field of experience. No matter what the issue, the distress you’ve experienced has created residue in your system that needs to be cleared out before you are ready to bring in something new.
     So often we go from one thing to another without recognizing that we are dragging the old patterns that got us into situations right along with us. Real change means that we clearly recognize the patterns at a deep level. It’s not just about changing jobs or finding a new partner; there is deeper work that needs to be done.


     To understand the scope of change that is needed, it’s helpful to understand it’s impact. This includes examining its effect on your mind, body and your spirit. Each of these types of intelligence guide us in distinct and important ways. Understanding how they have been affected gives us deeper appreciation for the toll staying in situations too long has on our system.
     Our thoughts are often a key indicator that something needs to change. They can produce negativity, depression, anxiety, or anger and become constant companions that we think we have to live with. They are the alert signals that it’s time to make a change.
Our body wants us to pay attention and will give us signals too. Health problems will surface with high blood pressure, digestive problems, sleep or eating disorders and back pains. The list goes on.
     An empty hollow feeling or a sense of being adrift can be the spirit’s way of saying that we are not connected to our soul’s purpose. Pay attention. Distracting yourself with endless work, activity or destructive patterns simply doesn’t work. That disconnectedness will still be there.


      When you catch a glimpse of your full potential, it’s much easier to find the courage to make a change. I’m not talking about the traditional model of success; I’m talking about your soul satisfying potential. Yes, they can be different.
     When your soul’s perspective of what is good for you matches up to your physical reality, the path can literally roll out in front of you. The ease and joyousness of the right path is undeniable.
     I have developed a meditation process for discovering this, which we’lll experience in this course. Once you have stood in the power of your full potential it will galvanize you to step forward.


     Stepping forward involves shifting your consciousness to expect something different. I call it raising the bar. Whether it’s radical or subtle, the vision of what you’re wanting is essential. Until you have raised your own expectations for yourself, it may be a new day, but it’s the same way. To release old patterns, you have to envision your new life.
     Once you’ve stood in your energy of potential, creating a new vision for yourself is easy and exciting. When you summon the images, they naturally produce good feelings, emitting a strong signal of desire that literally launches you forward.


     It’s not a cliché when you hear that you have to let go of the old before you can bring in the new. But what exactly does that mean and why is it so hard to do?
     It is interesting that our ego thinks it’s protecting us by creating resistance to change. The fear and doubt are its way of keeping us “safe”. Identifying these blocks, the reasons for them and organizing a clear process for releasing them are necessary steps.
     In all cultures we use rituals to commemorate a change process. Joseph Campbell, who’s life work focused extensively on myth and ritual, says that the point of a ritual is to “throw you out” of your usual experience. I discovered this in powerful rituals in Ghana this summer. They do mentally, physically and spiritually launch you into a new experience that helps you embrace change.
     In this workshop, everyone will create a ritual to do at home to help make the change process memorable. This will create the template for the work that is done in the second part of the course to launch your new start. Stay tuned for that next week!
     Can you relate to any of this? Having experienced this change process in several areas of my life, I am teaching what I know works. It is based on ancient wisdom traditions and the energetic principles of change. If this interests you, the workshops are Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th from 1:00-4:00. Contact CENTERED at 859-420-5325 or www.centerdlex,com to register.
     If you want more information, I’m happy to consult with you about your needs and whether this is a good first step. See my website for more information and use the Free Consultation link if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you!



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This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!