Staying Relevant – No Matter Your Age


Staying Relevant – No Matter Your Age

Staying relevant, no matter your age is a good thing. That is if you are willing to do the work to stay relevant yourself. It is a matter of perspective and paying attention to where you put your energy.

This thought came to me on the heels of a weekend spent with highly impressive, accomplished, and ambitious women much younger than me. I loved being involved as it made me aware of what’s important about this.

Let me share 4 ways you can stay relevant.


With a long career in the non-profit mental health world, it is wonderful to continue what I love on my own. Now I get to pick where I put my energy. There are many choices, so I take them seriously. I want to use my knowledge where can serve the most people.

My expertise, as a champion for people whose mental illness and actions put them in the criminal justice system, gives me options. I consult with cities and states to create new services to promote treatment over criminalization and helped our county develop and run our Mental Health Diversion Court. Being a coach and therapist is the fun part, where I get to spread my wings. When you do what you love, what you have expertise in, it’s a passion, not a job.


One of the important changes I’ve seen over the years has been the way women support each other. I remember when it wasn’t so easy. Women used to think to make it you had to be competitive and aggressive with one another, like men. But in truth, men have long supported and lifted each other up. When men started doing it for women, we finally go on board to do it for each other.

It is an honor to lift others up. When you complement, highlight and utilize one another’s strengths, you are creating a positive feedback loop that I believe will change our culture. I appreciate and love supporting the skills of younger women. Everyone benefits.


With age comes the recognition that you have to do your own work if you want to make an impact. Keep developing your instincts, skills, and knowledge, along with your connection to your soul and sense of purpose. Challenge yourself. It’s what makes you wise and keeps you relevant.

Training and meditation have been essential to my personal development. Not only have I refined and developed my skill set, but I also trust and respect myself. My personal growth expands and enhances my work. It is the most important thing you can do if you want to give more.


We are changing what getting older means. Consider what you have to offer and what you still want to do, rather than what is being taken away. To stay vigorous and vital, look at your whole self including your mind, body, and soul.

This means getting the right exercise and nutrition and taking care of your mental health. To stay happy, you need to do what you love regularly and seek therapy if you need it. You know there is no substitute.

For those who wonder about staying relevant as you age, note that you have many options. Your years of experience have value to others when it is placed where they will serve a greater good. Reach out and support others who are coming into your field, and find ways to promote their development.

Keep learning and growing and stay healthy and happy. All these things will keep you relevant.

If you would like support to stay relevant, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy can help you identify the options with a plan that will work. Go to and use my Free Consultation link. I would love to hear from you. 




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