Switch Your Negative To Positive – And Make It Easy

It was a great class, focusing on the patterns of our life and finding where we get stuck. It’s often the negative events that keep us mired down. It seems universal that these events take more of our attention, dampening our true nature. How do you free yourself to move on – how do you switch from negative to positive – and make it easy?

I have the pleasure of teaching the Universal Laws that guide our lives.  The Law of Polarity is particularly helpful. It states that everything has it’s opposite, which can assist us in knowing what we want, different from what we don’t like right now.

Have you ever noticed that when something undesirable happens, it affects every aspect of your life? Your thoughts are pessimistic, ruminating, and discouraged, your feelings are sad, angry, fearful or anxious and ultimately your behaviors are self-defeating. This is what keeps us stuck, it’s a vicious cycle. To get out of it, you have to break the cycle.

By working with the concept of polarity, you can learn how to re-channel yourself into a better direction. You’ll move out of the negative to be more positive. Let me explain how to do this.

Identify The Negative Thoughts/Feelings You Want to Change

Imagine a line on the floor, one end is negative and the other is positive. By standing on the negative end, fully experience all the thoughts and feelings that embody this experience. What are you thinking, what are you feeling? Notice it’s effect on your body and on how you act as a result of this.

For example, let’s say you are coming out of a difficult relationship and you are angry, hurt and feeling insecure about yourself. As you look at it’s impact on your body, you notice that you aren’t sleeping, and your anger and hurt makes your head hurt and gives you a stomach ache. These symptoms and the insecurity you feel keeps you from going out and having fun. You’re stuck in this place and unable to shake yourself out of it.

Your negative thoughts create strong feelings and physical and behavioral reactions – recognize their harmful impact.

Identify the Positive Thought/Feeling State You Want To Claim

Now walk to the opposite end, the positive thought and feeling place. What do you want to think and feel? Allow yourself to fully imagine what that would be, in as much detail as possible. What are your thoughts and your feelings?  Notice how you feel different in your body and how are you acting differently?  Do you notice that this place is much more attuned to who you really are? Imagine the joy and happiness filling you up.

Using the previous example, you imagine yourself feeling happy and satisfied with your life. You see yourself smiling, laughing, interacting easily with people (maybe even in a great relationship), going out and having fun. Your thoughts about yourself are positive and you’re feeling confident. There is a sense of lightness and excitement bubbling up on the inside. You’re feeling that you are back in the flow of your life.

Your positive thoughts have their own feeling state and physical and behavioral reactions – notice their constructive impact

Find Your “Wisdom Perspective” That Tells You The Truth

To help you get to this fabulous place, which may seem very far away right now, walk to the middle of your line between the negative and positive and then walk straight up equal distance, so you are making a triangle. You are now in what I call your wisdom perspective, looking down on your situation. You can see yourself in your place of suffering, and you can see yourself in a place of joy. From this place of wisdom, you know both are possible.

As you look at the difference between your suffering and your happiness, which do you choose? You do have a choice, and making that declaration is very important. We often stay stuck in places we don’t want because we feel victimized. The more we focus on the unfairness, the more we lose our perspective to change it. When you look at it from your place of wisdom, you see that you’re powerful and can make things happen the way you want.

This is the Law of Cause and Effect in operation. You don’t have to stay disturbed by someone else’s actions, you can cause what you want to happen, and experience the positive outcomes you want. You realize It’s a matter of perspective and belief, which then guides your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your truth is in the neutrality between the negative and the positive – find its wisdom.

Use Your Strengths To Move Closer To The Positive End

Now, back to moving yourself along the line closer to the positive. Still in your “Wisdom Perspective”, think about your positive assets, your strengths that have worked for you before. What positive thoughts can you say to yourself that will remind you that you can get to that better feeling place? What actions have you taken before that will get you closer to the positive end. Notice that if you pick the right thought, the feeling and actions will line up with movement toward the positive.

In our example, remember how you’ve been happy before in a relationship. Remember the positive thoughts about yourself, about being loved and appreciated. Remember your positive assets that make you a special person. Then notice how you’re more open, friendly, at ease and willing to go and do things.

Looking down at your line, what is one thing you can think, feel and do today that will move you closer to the other end. What is the next thing? Break it down. If you go stand at the positive end, you may notice that the difference between the two ends is not so great, it’s simply a matter of changing perspectives, allowing yourself to focus on better feeling thoughts and then taking new actions. It can move as quickly as you want it to. Decide to move to the positive and you will.

Your strengths and assets are resources for creating positive change – use them to move forward.

How does this sound to you? Often, we tell ourselves that change is hard, that it takes a long time to overcome difficulties. The truth is that it can happen very quickly. It’s a matter of changing perspective, which can happen in minutes. Give yourself that possibility. Try it. Once you learn how to move into positive thinking, it’s easy to have new insights, make resolutions and adopt behaviors that create change. You can initiate fast shifts from negative to positive in any aspect of your life. Use your wisdom and strengths to create any change you want.

If you’d like help moving yourself from a negative place to a positive one, my Transformational Life Coaching and Counseling can help. Go to my website www.spectrumtransformation.com for more information. You can reach me by using the Free Consultation button. I’d love to help you find your positive full potential!


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This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!