The Virtues Of A Little RNR


The Virtues Of A Little RNR

We plRNR leeanned a short getaway for a little RNR. Up until I arrived, I was wondering if the hassle of getting out of town was worth the effort. Did I really want to go through all the dash and details of getting things done, deciding what to pack, and the stress of flying anywhere these days… for such a short trip?

Let me tell you how wrong I was. Once we arrived in a tranquil spot in the Shenandoah Valley, the shift was immediate. There was a definite process of “Clearing Out and Checking In” that occurred, yes, even in a few days. Here is what I noticed:


From Being Plugged In:

I realized that our plugged in, charged up, always connected lives keep us in such a lockstep that we forget that there is another way of being. When I became immersed in nature, whatever seemed so crazy important before I left, started to melt in intensity, I realized, all this can be changed in an instant

Not having internet access is a gift – my laptop never left it’s bag and I soon forgot why I brought it. Cell reception is another story. With cameras on phones, they are ever present and I needed more discipline to stop looking. It is clear that we are too plugged in.

To really clear out, all electronics have to go. Being in the present is only possible when we totally unplug. When there is no internet, phones, TV or music, just the sounds of nature, we can really clear our mind and body. Clearing out and detoxing from the demands of constant contact brings us much needed relief.

The Body Stress:

The ahh factor, sitting in Adirondack chairs, was immediate. Letting go of body stress meant taking deep breaths, looking around and being quiet. Soon the shoulders started to drop, the neck and back loosened and the stress began to leave. That sore spot in my shoulder never spoke to me as it usually does. How amazing that the body will respond so immediately.

We aren’t even aware how much stress we carry in our body until we start to let it go. Even with regular massage, it can come right back. It When we keep ourselves in the same place of feeling stressed, our body stays torqued. It takes clear intention to clear it out. If we can’t take a little RNR, then we need regular exercise, yoga, massage and meditation, or whatever works for you.

The Mental Treadmill:

If you are like me, and most people, our minds just won’t stop. I am always thinking forward, planning, making lists, organizing, solving problems, considering all angles. Good grief, our minds are so busy. I can slow it down with meditation, until I’m too busy for that. Which is a place I don’t want to be.

When you “clear out”, one of the immediate benefits is getting off the mental treadmill. It is not possible to be in the moment, notice everything around you and think at warp speed all at the same time. Once again, the mind, just like the body, welcomes the relief from getting off.

When you allow yourself to drift in the moment, your awareness turns to the subtle things that we normally don’t notice. Like the way the sky meets the water. It not a thought process as much as it is mindful recognition. We are naturally wired to be mindful. We just need to be present and invite it in.

When we “Clear Out”, we detoxify ourselves from the constancy of electronic connection, the physical and mental stress that accumulates from its demands and the tyranny of our mind from having to keep up with it all.


To Your Body:

Once I was more relaxed, I was able to notice my body’s reactions. I was sleeping more deeply, moving more slowly, actually tasting fantastic food and no surprise, my body was working better. What simple pleasure.
When there is no real time table, no real pressures and no agenda you can really notice how superbly our bodies function. Wow, do we need more time like this.

To The Rhythm of Nature:

I spent long stretches of time just noticing. There were deer, rabbits, possums, unusual birds, snakes, spiders and all manner of aquatic life in the pond. I marveled over their diversity and how each one is unique to its environment. I spent a long time enjoying water bugs making lovely overlapping concentric circles as they skated across the water on their specially designed hydroplaning legs. Yes, we’re all specially designed.

The sun, in the early morning light, the late afternoon heat, setting late at night with hazy twilights were more noticeable and appreciated. The moon waxing toward fullness with more visible stars gave enough light to wander around at night. There were the flowers in full bloom, many deliciously scented, a full diversity of shrubs and gorgeous towering trees. It was intoxicatingly lovely.

As much as I love and think I’m connected to nature, I want more of it. This was a clear and poignant reminder of how our mind, body and spirit all respond when we take time to reconnect to our place on this planet. We are intricately interconnected.

To Each Other:

Last, but hardly least, our connections to one another became more relaxed, spontaneous, heartfelt and real. In every situation, dialogues were more honest, deeper and engaging. Lee and I were easy and relaxed, it was easy to make friends with strangers simply because we’re sharing the same moment – no other reason needed. There was no conflict – everything was simple.

While tragedies were being reported in Nice and continued to unfold in the US, I kept wondering why we’re being so extreme with each other. When we clear out distress and reconnect to what is real in our lives, none of this makes sense. The only thing that matters is heartfelt and real connections with one another.

When we “Check In”, to our naturally well-functioning bodies, the splendors and wonders of nature and our innate ability to find common bonds with everyone around us, we flow into a more congruent way of being alive.

While you may not be able to leave for a little RNR, you can always explore these concepts where you are. Discover how you can “Clear Out and Check In”. For more information about how my Transformational Coaching services can help, look at my website If you have questions, see the Free Consultation link. I’d enjoy exploring this with you.


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This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!