What brings Me Here?

Hi, I’m Connie Milligan, LCSW

I love the affirming and dynamic process of helping people find and use their strengths to achieve their greatest good – inside and out.

After a long career in mental health as a therapist and Executive Corporate Director, I began seeking change. I wanted my inner and outer life to be a authentic reflection of my values and beliefs. I wanted my professional and personal life to be more soul satisfying. This launched years of study and exploration of new treatment modalities along with personal and spiritual soul searching.

The result? I have created the life of my dreams!  This stimulating work reflects my values and passion for creating heart based transformation. It utilizes my extensive clinical expertise and allows for creative expansion. My personal life is now rich with love, friends, laughter and adventure.

My life is a reflection of the work I would be honored to do with you!

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Why Transformational Life Coach Training and Clinical Therapy?

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My decision to expand my clinical training to include Transformational Coaching was very intentional. I wanted to increase and refocus my expertise with the positive, potential based tools of  Transformational Coaching.  It offers a dynamic and life affirming change process, different from counseling, which typically starts with a focus on negative symptoms and diagnostics.  Transformational Coaching encourages you to find and utilize your strengths to achieve your greatest good. It is designed to create  personal internal change that generates positive external manifestation.

I am excited and pleased with the impact Transformational Coaching is making. People experience very positive and powerful changes! When used alone or in combination with  traditional therapy techniques, lasting changes are being made. 

No matter what issue you  hope to address, these techniques and my therapy experience offer dynamic, soul satisfying methods to illuminate the root of the problem and discover new pathways for change. For more information, please go to the  SERVICES tab for detailed descriptions of my individual, workshop and training services.

Clinical Expertise

I have a 30 year career providing clinical therapy in private practice and community mental health working with people experiencing every kind of life adjustment and crisis. My compassion and ability to engage and understand at a deep level is a strong tool in helping people make needed changes. While I am trained and utilize many different treatment modalities (CBT, DBT, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR and Trauma Focused ). I find that there are core skills that are at the heart of creating change. These skills are my ability to be present, engaged, using insight and genuine curiosity and compassion as a collaborative partner with you.

Together we illuminate the root of your concerns while finding a path that allows you to step into your full potential.  This is my specialty no matter what the issue. This is the gift I have enhanced through training as a Transformational Life Coach.

Executive Consultation Skills

As a Corporate Director of programs at Bluegrass.org, I developed and directed numerous Outpatient Counseling Clinics, an Employee Assistance Program, Emergency Services, Intake and Assessment services and a state-wide, national award-winning program that takes mental health services to the jails of Kentucky. In these capacities I managed staff, marketed programs and had fiscal responsibility. I have published eight journal articles, conducted over one hundred workshops and presentations at local, state, national and international conferences and have provided extensive professional training.

One of my greatest achievements is the development of the Mental Health Crisis Network for Jails,  initiating and passing legislation so it is now a statewide program offering diversion,  services and risk management to people incarcerated with mental illness. It continues to be a “best practice” model in the country.

I’ve also had the honor of serving on the following community, state and professional boards:

  • Kentucky Society for Clinical Social Work, Current Member and Past President
  • Good Shepherd House,  Executive Board Member, Current Clinical Director
  • Bluegrass Decriminalization Coalition, Current Co-chair
  • Bluegrass Reentry Council, Founding Board Member and Past Executive Director
  • Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board, Founding Member and Past Clinical Director
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky Suicide Prevention Group, Founding Executive Committee and Past Chair

Based on my work, I’ve been honored with the following state and national awards:

  • National Council of State Government “Innovative Program of the Year”
  • NAMI Lexington “Pioneer Award ” for the Future of Mental Health
  • “Kentucky Colonel” for the development of the Kentucky Mental Health Crisis Network for Jails
  • Kentucky Department of Mental Health – “Trail Blazer for Best Practices”
  • Bluegrass.org  “Hallie Shouse Award” for Clinical Excellence and Leadership,
  • Bluegrass.org “Van Meter Alfred Award” for Clinical Excellence

In addition, I provide consultation and training to several community and national agencies. The focus  is on helping communities and states increase social justice to people with mental illness and a history of trauma. The goal being to expand services, reduce incarceration and the traumatization of people who need treatment, not punishment. It is an honor to do this work. For more information, see the Consultation description in the SERVICES tab.

My gifts are my ability to see the big picture of what needs to happen and provide direction as a clear and strategic thinker, planner, organizer, speaker and trainer. I am using all this experience as a Transformational Life Coach and Trainer along with providing Community and Justice Consultation through my company Spectrum Transformation Services, LLC.

I welcome your inquiry on how I can be helpful to you!

Professional License and ethics

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, (KY license #398), I honor state and national regulations to ensure that my services are ethical. I pledge to uphold your confidentiality and practice in an ethical manner. This includes getting your permission for services, collaborating with other providers as needed and informing you if I think you would benefit from a different service. Any request for disclosure of your personal information requires your specific and time limited informed consent.

I feel lighter and ready to engage the world again.
I'm moving. ... She's helped me and others focus their internal resources to formulate new goals and step into their life purpose.

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