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My Transformational Coaching and Therapy encourages you to find and utilize your gifts and strengths to achieve your greatest good. It’s designed to create positive personal manifestation. It assumes life is meant to be abundant. 

Whether you are seeking:

  • Solutions to specific issues
  • Making a big change
  • Redefining your direction in life
  • Wanting clarity on your life’s purpose
  • Seeking more heart felt relationship connections

Transformational Coaching and Therapy helps facilitate your exploration for a positive outcome.

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Transformational Coaching & Therapy

My Transformational Coaching and Therapy encourages you to find and utilize your gifts and strengths to achieve your greatest good. It’s designed to create positive personal manifestation. It assumes life is meant to be abundant.
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Workshops & Training

I love conducting workshops. They have always been an integral part of my work. I think a learning experience is more personally powerful and expansive when we are exposed to each other’s learning process – it helps us stretch and grow too. 

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Consulting & Community Involvement

I have a long commitment and many years of expertise providing service around social justice issues, suicide prevention and trauma training.

What does Transformational Coaching and Therapy Include?

With training and experience as both a Transformational Life Coach and Therapist and decades of experience, I can help you move forward in a positive way with whatever approach you wish to take.  

What Does Transformational Coaching Include?

Transformational Coaching is a fresh, present and future oriented approach to reaching your goals. It assumes you have the strengths and the potential to transform your life exactly as you like. It teaches you new ways to look and understand yourself that integrate mind, body and soul wellness and your own sense of spiritually to find solutions to move forward in your life.

It can include helping you learn meditation and mindfulness, teaching you to listen to your intuition to make decisions. It can include helping you learn and understand how the universal laws work in your life, along with developing a soul perspective to guide specific plans of action to improve your quality of life.

I serve as your copilot as you explore and discover your own gifts and soul wisdom that becomes the underpinnings for the positive changes you are seeking. 

What Does Therapy Include?

As a therapist with over 35 years of clinical experience, there are few problems I haven’t seen or treated. Life gets complicated and can leave you with feelings of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma and substance use issues. These issues need to be resolved to live with happiness and enthusiasm for life.

I  utilize a variety of techniques from extensive training in Mindfulness CBT, the neurological aspects of trauma, EMDR, and addictions treatment. It can include looking at the thoughts and beliefs that support you, alongside those that no longer serve your best interests. It can involve addressing fear and insecurity that stands in your way. It can include resolving past traumatic experiences that limit your ability to enjoy life.

I start where you are and weave in the techniques, including those from coaching and therapy that will help resolve issues so you can be happy and successful in whatever way you seek.


Getting to Know each other

free consultation

Take advantage of my Free Consultation to determine if my services will be helpful. Let’s talk so I can understand what you are seeking and give you feedback about how I would approach working with you. This is also a great time to ask questions! Fill out the form below to schedule a time to talk by phone. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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are you ready?

Let's Get Started

Are you ready to embark on making the changes you seek?  Wonderful!  See the sections below for details about fees, scheduling and registration information. It’s that easy!

Fees and Coaching Packages:

Here are your coaching and therapy options. Single sessions and discounted packages are available. I also offer a sliding fee scale based on need – please ask about it during our consultation session. 

Committing time to change is an investment in your greatest asset – you! Sessions occur in person, or through Zoom. You will be given a date and time for our session and if it is on Zoom, a link will be email to you.

I highly recommend you start with a Free Consultation to determine what will best meet your interest and needs!


Fees and Packages

Services are offered individually or in packages of 4 or more at a reduced fee



Individual Session


Get started or obtain some helpful insights with a 60 minute individual session – use as often as you wish. 

for a transition

Make a Change


With this package you will have 4 sessions to help you get through a transition and on the right path.

($20. savings –  2 payments of $310 each)

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Big change

bring on transformation


This package of 12 sessions is perfect to create a new path with forward movement toward the transformation you seek.

($60. savings – 3 payments of $620 each.

Total tranformation

Invest in Yourself


Make a large life transformation a reality. With 20 sessions you’ll ensure that you will  create a significant life change.

($100. savings- 4 payments of $775. each)

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Next Steps

Book your Coaching Session and Register with Me

I look forward to meeting you!

Book Your Session

The following calendar shows available appointment times. Please book a slot that works for you, and fill out the Confidential Registration form.

Confidential Registration

The following confidential papers provides an agreement for us to work together and a description of my services. It also includes a questionnaire to help organize your thoughts about the change process you'd like to launch. Please complete it before our first session so I will be prepared to work with you. Thank you!


Please give 24 hour notice of any cancellation needs. I will reschedule as soon as possible. With no notice, your fee will be still need to be paid. If something important comes up and needs immediate attention, please email me and I will contact you as soon as possible. Sharing good news or receiving a quick boost can be done without extra charge. A short check-in by phone or email is possible.