“The Manifestation Course”

 provides a deep dive into the Laws of the Universe that hold the key to how can manifest miracles in your life!

Over 6 weeks, this workshop takes you beyond the Law of Attraction to explore all 7 of the ancient laws that must be interlinked to create powerful transformation in your life. These essential elements are from the Hermetic Principles, the ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions. Through this course, you will understand and use all of them to discern the life you want so you’ll soon be manifesting miracles. Each week one or two of the laws will be presented along with mediations, exercises and handout materials to help make them understandable and usable You’ll also receive a symbolic gift that makes each lesson memorable.

here's what you'll learn


Week 1 – Your Thoughts Create Your Reality – Change and channel them

The first principle, Law of Mentalism, governs the importance of your thoughts. You’ll be guided to recognize that what you think and what you bring into your life are always linked – the good and the bad. Your powerful mind can be trained! You’ll identify thoughts that don’t serve you and replace them with ones that better serve you.


Week 2 – Your Internal Guidance System – Align it, read it and trust it

The Law of Correspondence tells us that we are connected to the entire universe and the Law of Vibration tells us that we are all energy. Your internal guidance system of mind, body and soul registers all your energetic connections. This lesson helps align all three with the focus on how the soul knows your full potential, so you can manifest your best.


Week 3 – Claim Your Gifts and Wisdom -Release old patterns, create new

The Laws of Rhythm highlights the natural cycles in your life and Polarity helps you know what you want or don’t want by contrast. By looking at your life timeline, you will notice your gifts and how negative events helped you develop wisdom. What strengths want development now? What’s your wisdom telling you to release and seek?


Week 4 – Develop Mastery – Imagine A New Reality – Envision your potential

The Law of Cause and Effect helps us understand that we are both the master creator and pawn of our creations. What is the pattern of your life and how do you want to shape it going forward? In this week, we travel to the future and imagine the life we really want and begin imagining it into existence.


Week 5 – The Secret Manifestation Formula – Create your intention

The final Law of Gender is the one that holds the secrete to manifesting miracles. It shows you how to use all the principles together to make things zoom into your life. You’ll be given instruction on how to use it to determine what else you need to dream, think, or do to bring your visualization into reality.


Week 6 – Create Your Vision – Make a vision board

The final week brings the 6 weeks together in a fun way by making a vision board and having a celebration. All the supplies will be provided for you to create a collage of your dreams and ideas. Everyone will share theirs and be congratulated for expanding and launching their new manifestation dreams!


I announce this workshop and invite participation after the first of the year, when we often think about how we want the New Year to be different. Each class will guide you toward creating a vision for how you want your life to take shape. Learn the tools that have you manifesting miracles this year! It’s an exciting, fun, proactive way to create the life of your dreams!