Join a Diverse Group of Powerful Women and Create HerStory


Join a Diverse Group of Powerful Women and Create HerStory

HerStory In The Making is an event bringing female leaders to the big stage in Lexington KY on Oct 12 at 6:00 PM. Here is your invitation to attend! It’s been developed by Ziva Voices, an online magazine that amplifies the voices of women across the globe.  It is my friend Dr. Kinga Mnich’s brilliant project!

Top speakers from around the world will be speaking on Women’s’ health, creating wealth, women in technology, women in agriculture, and the importance of owning your own story. Let me explain why your involvement is a great idea!

For every 6-10 men that we see on stages we see just one woman. Ziva Voices is dedicated to providing women with opportunities to share their perspective, stories, success and tools so other women and societies can benefit from it. Join us in the Midwest edition in Lexington KY for HerStory in the Making. Get your tickets and see the details here:

Who’s Involved:

We are leaders, we are creators, we are champions of women and their stories. Featuring diverse women around the world leading in business, entrepreneurship and their communities.


Visibility is a key element in creating equality. Equality is a key element in creating healthy lives and thriving communities. The more women have access to opportunity, the better our economies perform.


An international community committed to collecting women’s stories, amplifying their voices, and providing a network to connect women worldwide and sharing in our Ziva Voices – HerStory in the Making Bookazine


Amplifying 1 million voices of women around the world by 2030. Through publishing, collaboration & speaking opportunities. Driving equality and empowerment one story at a time. 

Get your ticket now, or If you can’t attend consider making a donation. Ziva Voices is a 501c3 – SUPPORT WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Thank you!





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