How to Interpret Signs And Symbols That Answer Life Questions

One of the poignant benefits to my mediation practice is this: It has taught me how to interpret the signs and symbols that answer life questions. It’s a stunning and exciting aspect of meditation that helps give my life direction.

As I prepare to teach my new class, “ Essential Elements Of A Fruitful Meditation Practice”, on Wednesday May 30,  I have been considering the powerful impact of meditation and how to best share it. Learning how to ask and interpret the symbolic responses you receive is fundamental to meditation being central in your life.

Let me share how to do this so the signs and signals you receive in meditation and also in daily life can answer the pressing questions you may have.

 What  Are You Asking – So You’ll  Know What Signs To Look For

How often do you wish to know how things are going to turn out or what direction to take? It’s often on my mind. This is exactly the kind of issue I bring to meditation.

I get clear on what I want to know. I frame it as a question and ask to be given a sign that I will understand that provides an answer.  Then I sit quietly. It may take a while for my mind to completely clear. You want to get past those pesky rambling thoughts to enter a place of stillness. In stillness, I trust that an answer will be revealed, and I look for it.

When you want answers, before asking others, ask your higher self in meditation.

In the Quiet Of Meditation Wait for the Signs That Provide Answers

In the space of no thought, I am shown symbols or hear a word or have a complete thought that answers my question. These symbols, which are spirits way of communicating with us, may not be immediately understood, so I will ask for clarification.

Often, I’ll see things over and over until I understand it. For example, I now understand that seeing stairs or steps going up means that I’m raising or need to raise my level of understanding. Seeing old stone buildings with arches means I need to study or research the issue.

When something difficult is happening, I’ll ask for a sign on how it’ll turn out and often receive very helpful answers. This was particularly true when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I was, of course, extremely anxious about the outcome. In meditation I was shown many signs that he would be fine. I saw him on a treatment table with doctors and nurses around him and I also saw divine beings watching and helping. I also heard – “Relax – don’t be so worried”.  The intent of the message was he’d be fine, and my anxiety was not helpful. Because I trusted this message, I was able to be more present for him and he was and still is fine.

When you ask, quiet your mind and prepare to see symbols that will illustrate the answer to your questions

Pay Attention To How Nature and Things Around You Give You Signs That Answer Your Questions

What if you are uncomfortable or unable to sit for long periods of time in meditation? I’ve found that having the same intention, asking for answers, allows you to receive them during the course of your daily life.

Answers come in many forms in nature and from the things that catch your attention. I’ve found answers in the shape of clouds, as when they made a heart shape with an arrow through it when asking about my new relationship with Lee. The wild movement of a red tree told me, in an instant, about my sister’s pending death.  The words of a billboard sign told me a friend would be ok. Comments from a stranger answered an existential question, as have songs on the radio. And often, a random book I feel compelled to pick up gives me the exact information I am seeking. This process works because the intensity of what you are seeking is matched by the intensity of what you notice.

When you tune into what you seek and pay attention to how the answers present themselves, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

Allow the First Impression Of The Signs Speak To You and Seek Validation

This process requires an open mind that’s ready to receive information. If you think it’s hokey, superstitious or unreal, it won’t work. If you ask with sincerity and remain open to how the universe answers all your questions, you will be amazed at what you are shown and taught.

It requires that you trust your first impression, without doubt. If you want more confirmation, simply ask and watch what happens. I often laugh out loud at how the affirmation will come as if it was trying to do back flips for my benefit. Like when the clouds made a heart when I asked about my relationship with Lee and when I questioned it, an arrow was added, and it became effervescent with sparkles. Now that’s funny!

Let your instincts read the signs you are receiving and learn to trust it – further questions give you additional information. 

If you wonder about things in your life, learn to trust that you can ask for answers and receive them.  Rather than anxiously seeking answers from others or feeling overwhelmed by the unknown, learn to ask and trust the signs and signals from your internal wisdom in meditation or from the world around you. Simply get clear on the questions you want to ask, wait for answers in meditation or read the signs and symbols that are all around you in your natural world. It requires your belief in your ability to seek and answer your own questions. Everything you want to know is in front of you, just ask.

Is this something you’d like to learn and incorporate in your life? It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. I’ll be teaching it in my upcoming workshop on the Essential Elements Of A Fruitful Meditation Practice at Centered on Wednesday May 30th from 6:30-8:30 PM. I welcome you to attend. To register, call Centered at 859-721-1481 or use this link

If you are not in Lexington, KY, you can still learn these techniques. See my website for more information on how to work with me individually over Skype or Zoom. Use the Free Consultation button to reach me. I’d love to hear from you!


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This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!