A Guide To Using Your Gifts Of Instinct


A Guide To Using Your Gifts Of Instinct

How often do you use your instincts to guide you? When determining the right relationship, purchases, pets, even business transactions? We all do it, but what are we using? It’s often one of our 6 instinct driven gifts – see how many you use.

CLAIRVOYANCE- is the ability of “clear seeing” to receive information visually, in your third eye. If you can instantly see how something will work, or won’t work, how to decorate a room, create or design something in your mind, you are using Clairvoyance.

CLAIRSENTIENCE- is a gift of “clear feeling” that allows you to understand and perceive the emotions of others, and yourself. You ‘re using this gift when you instantly know the mood of people in a room or recognize that something is “off”. Clairsentience helps you know how to relate, when to be cautious or helpful to people without much information being needed.

CLAIRAUDIENCE- is the ability to have “clear hearing”, often experienced as a voice that seems like your own thoughts or a voice that guides you. It can give you direction, inspiration, or caution. It comes frequently in my meditations and is a gift my husband uses to compose music.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE- is the gift of “clear knowing”, an ability to simply know. It provides sudden insight, like a download, allowing you to see into a situation to understand, solve problems, make plans and sense danger. It can put you far ahead of those around you, requiring finesse to get people to believe you.

CLAIRGUSTANCE- is the ability to have “clear tasting”. If you can taste something without eating, you’ve got this gift. Something in the present relates to a previous taste experience. It’s widely used by wine connoisseurs, chefs and foodies.

CLAIRSCENT- is the gift of having “clear smelling”. If a scent come to you, pay close attention, you are being guided to make an association with something or someone from your past. There’s usually a message in this gift.

Tune into your instincts to know what is in your best interests. Let your instincts provide the tipping point of details to help you know.

How many do you use? If you would like help to use your instincts more, reach out!




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