How To Support One Another’s Success


How To Support One Another’s Success

Providing support to friends and family when big things happen Is second nature, but do you extend it to others in your line of work? One of the big changes I’ve seen is the move toward genuinely extending support to one another, even in the same field. This is a game changer to move from a competitive mind set to one of collaboration.

We saw this firsthand when we went to the Railbird Festival to support a dear friend who plays with Noah Kahan. What a thrill seeing him on stage with Noah, displaying his competence, playing 4 instruments and singing. Noah brought other big name musicians on stage to sing with him – Hozier and Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows. Lee also got to see Wyonna Judd, who he played with many years ago – another thrill. She too brought up Marcus King to sing with her.

Lee Carroll with Wyonna Judd

What’s important about this type of support and why do it?


Showing up is the ultimate show of support. You can say you love what someone does, you respect and support them, but it’s when you show up that the message has meaning. Attending their events, showing up for their gigs is always meaningful. When Lee walks into another musician’s show, they get excited, some get nervous. I go to friends’ events to provide support. It’s what you do.


Being introduced to one another is the only way networking and support happens. When the older generation introduces the next one, it’s passing a baton of respect. I heard Wyonna say that when she introduced Marcus King. I’m excited about an introduction I’ve had, I think we can work together on my book and with our non-profit. It’s what helps you expand your ideas and your work.


The most important aspect of support is passing on a compliment about a person. This is how your support becomes meaningful.  Noah Kahan talked about how important Adam Duritz was in shaping his career. I’ve done that when I introduce people who have influenced or contributed to what I do. It’s a way of spreading positive information and making your support have significance. Giving a compliment enhances you as much as the other person.

Is this something you do? If you’d like to explore it, reach out.





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