Leading With Passion And Love


Leading With Passion And Love

The passion and love our leaders communicated in their inspired talks had us spellbound. They were speaking to the graduates of our Mental Health Diversion Court, which I am honored to be a part of. They provided a message for everyone.

When Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton congratulated them for their hard work and thanked them for being a successful part of our community, we all felt proud. When Kentucky Deputy Chief Supreme Court Justice, Debra Lambert talked about how the graduates had earned their place in the cat bird seat, you sensed the enormity of their accomplishment. And when Lexington’s Chief of Police Lawrence Weather spoke about the courage it took for them to work through all their trials to get to this point of graduation, you could hear a pin drop. We were moved.

The passion and love these leaders bring to their job is inspiring. Here are some observations on the qualities they exhibit that we can model.

Passion and Commitment for What You Do Makes You Good

When you have passion for what you do, it often translates into you being good at it. You can’t fake your interests or your passion. They become qualities that will see you through productive positive times and more importantly, the times of trial.

Doing What You Love with Love Informs Everything You Do

During a time where the motivation for a leader to be in the spotlight is questionable, with so much self-aggrandizement, the contrast is stunning and reassuring. When you notice the love for the job and desire to serve with love being an obvious, strong feature you can’t help but be impressed and very appreciative.

You Inspire and Lift Up Others

True leadership is inspiring and reassuring. It makes you grateful for their willingness, dedication and allegiance to public service. It holds promise for a better future with problems being solved, not made worse for self serving reasons. We all are lifted up.

Notice how you bring these qualities to what you do. And then please ask how you can do more of it! We need you.





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