Yes, Place Makes A Difference


Yes, Place Makes A Difference

I’m in a warm beautiful place to write on my book. Solchi in Oaxaca , Mexico. Don’t hate me! I was talked into going by a friend who also has a writing project. I thought it was a terrible idea and only at the last minute agree to go. So glad I did.

I’m going to keep this short for obvious reasons – I really am on a tight writing schedule.

I wanted quiet and solitude along with access to healthy food. This place is remote, 40 minutes from a town, a small family run hotel, yet with a commanding view of the ocean and a totally vegan restaurant. There is essentially little tourism. They call it a peaceful place. I hit the jackpot.

I am reminded of a number of life lessons about manifesting, which is what I’m writing about. I was very specific about my criteria and this place meets them all, plus some bonuses. It is the bonuses I want to highlight as they are also attached to the place.

The fact that the food is vegan is highly unusual. The modern architecture speaks to highly sophisticated design and the focus on conservation also points to good consciousness. I met the couple who built and operate the hotel – she’s Mexican and he’s German and vegan. They have integrated their values and ideas to make it special.

The people who live around here and work here are very friendly. There is always a positive happy greeting. I learned everyone has a good salary – they are not working for tips.

There is a dog and 2 cats that hang out. I learned they go with the place and are taken care of regularly. No barking, no bad behavior. They seem to be a reflection of the people here. So interesting!

There are only 6 suites and the guests are from all over the world. England, Russia, Italy and Germany so far, and obviously Mexico. I’ve been the only American until today a couple from Tucson showed up. There have been some interesting conversations.

What I realize is that those exacting standards of a place included some surprises that add value. Yes, finding a good place is a wonderful sign of manifestation and make a big difference in your comfort level and mental stimulation. You always have a choice in where you go – get specific and wait to be surprised.

I hope you are in a wonderful place as well!





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