Your Differences Are Your Power – Put Them Out There


Your Differences Are Your Power – Put Them Out There

Honoring one another’s differences seems to be at a crossroads in our culture. Yet in truth, we all crave is to be understood and accepted for our individuality. How else will it happen if you don’t let your true light shine?

This thought came to me from a number of directions. Here are two recent examples of how I recognized honoring differences can get you ahead.

I have a dog, Bodhi, who is still a puppy, and just adopted two kittens. Bodhi longs to play and be friends with the kitties but has gone about it in all his doggie ways – barking, jumping, chasing – as they scamper and hide. Suddenly he changed approach, appreciating their cat nature, he stayed still. Look what happened – the picture of him and Puddy tells the story. Now they are friends.

My husband and I are offering grants to international artists through our non-profit, GreenRoom Exchange. The three winners all have stories of overcoming tremendous odds, leaving their country of origin, coming here as refugees and making a new life. They brought talent with them, but getting it understood and appreciated in the US is not easy. What we realized is that their differences and histories give them unique perspectives and advantages. That is what we are highlighting.

Let’s take this idea further- how do you make your differences your source of power? Here are some thoughts.


We all have a story. The things that are hard make us strong. Your personal issues have given you a perspective on life that is uniquely yours. How have these things become your strengths?

Whether it’s made you creative, compassionate, and determined or pensive, introspective, and studious you have taken your experience, combined it with your personality and unique gifts and now have something unique to offer. These are your strengths – you are not supposed to be like everyone else.


Whatever your field, being true to oneself is essential to being successful and thriving. It is what makes you special and important in what you do. Hopefully you are in a place where that is honored, and your gifts can shine.

I see many people try to fit their square peg in a round hole. They aren’t happy and their gifts aren’t being used. Eventually they get worn down trying to fit in and have negative symptoms to go along with it. Over time, their light gets dim.


Your power comes from utilizing your authenticity. Using your gifts gives you energy and makes those around you notice who you really are. In this place of power, you shine, become rejuvenated and expansive the more you honor your authentic self. As I like to say, the red carpet rolls out in front of you when you are on the right path.

Whenever you have to compromise your gifts, ideas, or skills a little part of you dies inside. Take that as a sign that you are in the wrong place. Make a move and align your authentic self with a place that appreciates you. Even if you have to create it yourself – it will always work better.


If you want to be appreciated for your uniqueness, try extending it to others first. Like Bodhi did with Puddy. It’s a matter of energetic exchange to give what you want to receive. There is room for everyone’s uniqueness. Instead of competing, try collaborating. See what you can offer that will be helpful.

You don’t have to compete or conform with anyone else to get ahead. Your gifts are as unique as you are. As you focus on your uniqueness, appreciate the gifts in those around you. Compliment them and collaborate with them. It’s a form of giving that always gives back.

Your differences are your strength and your power. Own them and highlight them by recognizing your strengths and being true to yourself. Be authentic to be in  your power and recognize others who are doing the same. It will all come back to you. 

If you want help to make your differences work for you, reach out. My Transformation Coaching and Therapy is structured to help you be in your power. Go to and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I loved to hear from you.

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