How Do You Expand Your Life Experience and Why Is It So Important?


How Do You Expand Your Life Experience and Why Is It So Important?

This has been a topic of interest of mine for a while. Are you bored or expanding your life experience?Why is this even important? I wrote about it a couple of months ago after hearing Ester Hicks say that the point of life is “Joyous Expansion”. Since then I’ve been paying attention to how this gets played out for other people.

I see new expansion everywhere.  My clients are taking on expansion as they embark on things like enrolling in school, embracing love, creating new projects and restructuring their work and relationships.  My friends are conducting new classes in Kundalini yoga and Qigong, painting art, traveling and having photo exhibits. My mentor, Alan Seale, has two new books out. My husband is writing new music and he and I are launching a non-profit, Green Room Exchange. I’m setting up new workshops and have several other things percolating, like a book and new web presence.

I love being surrounded by this expansion, it’s exhilarating. It also makes you happy and if that’s not a motivator, I don’t know what is.

What’s involved in expanding your life experience and what makes this so important? Let me explain it through the Hermetic Principles – the ancient wisdom traditions that help us understand the change and manifestation process.

Draws on Your Inspiration – Law of Correspondence

One of the most critical components to expansion is how it taps into your inspiration and creativity. This is what gets our juices moving, makes us feel alive, vibrant and engaged with life. It’s what helps my clients move from feeling depressed and overwhelmed to excited about their life.

The stimulus for all this movement is often a spark of an idea, a vision, or a flash of insight. The new music, art work, book, and the new classes all start this way. The Law of Correspondence says that our connection to these things comes from above, call it the divine, source, or god. The inspiration gets your attention, when you’re willing to notice it, and then guides all your actions.

Its motto “As above, so below, as below, so above” means the creative thought creates an immediate reciprocal relationship between imagination and doing.

Utilizes Contrast and Timing – Laws of Polarity and Rhythm

Often, we notice this inspiration when we are in a bad place. We’re unhappy or discontent with the way things are and wake up to the realization that things need to change. The Law of Polarity shows us that everything is on a continuum and whatever you don’t like has it’s opposite that you are longing to seek out. It’s an easy, helpful way of seeking change – just look for the opposite of what you don’t like.

Sometimes, when the timing is right, it comes as a logical extension to a series of other things that are happening. This is true for our non- profit, it’s the next evolution to the travel, hospitality and creative connections we’ve made with people from other cultures. This is the Law of Rhythm in action. It tells us that there is a right time and season for every aspect of our life.

Seeking expansion is either a desire for positive change or the next logical step forward in your life.

Requires New Thought that Creates Change – Laws of Mentalism and Vibration

Once you’re inspired, a chain reaction of thought follows. It’s these thoughts focused on your desires that launch your expansion. The Law of Mentalism underpins this whole process. Nothing is created without a thought that drives it – we literally create the world we want in this way.

These thoughts have an energetic signature. The more excited it makes you, the more vibration it holds and the more likely it’ll draw the right people and situations to you. This is the Law of Vibration in action, with its subset Law of Attraction, which says the things that match your frequency will be draw to you. This is how your thoughts create reality.

We think our expansion into being and its energetic vibration helps bring in the right people and situations.

Requires New Action To Make It Happen – Law of Gender

Obviously, all thought and no action won’t get us very far. The Law of Gender shows us that the creative inspiration, which is the feminine element, requires the masculine elements of planning, and operational details for things to actually be created.

All of creation has both feminine and masculine elements and by understanding the Law of Gender, you can figure out which part needs more attention. I have lots of ideas, but If I don’t take action, they won’t happen. I find that the more excited I am about the idea, the easier it is to map out the needed actions. Those great ideas spur you on to take them to the next level.

The more motivated your idea makes you feel, the more likely you are to take the required action steps.

Expanding your life experience gives you energy and makes you feel more vital and involved in living. When we stop feeling this way, it usually leads to depression and health problems – we are literally shutting down from the inside out. So, ask yourself, “what is catching my attention and giving me inspiration lately? What is calling out for me to seek, explore, learn or do?” It’s likely the start of your new expansion!

If you’d like to explore this more for yourself, I have several upcoming workshops that look at these principles in more detail. On December 2, I’m conducting a Manifestation Review of 2017 workshop, to help you see how much you have actually created or started to launch. in January, I’ll conduct The Manifestation Course that explores how to create new expansion. So, stay tuned. If you’re interested or want more information, go to my website, and use my Free Consultation tab to let me know.  I’d love to hear from you.

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