Having just returned from a trip to Colorado, I am reflecting on the impressive things I encountered. Everywhere I went,  I saw evidence of people’s very powerful intentions. Things that started as someone’s simple idea are being enjoyed generations later. So, I am wondering what does it take to make your intentions that powerful?

We checked into the Broadmore Hotel and Resort in Colorado Springs. I was totally impressed. Being an avid traveler, I’ve stayed in amazing places and the Broadmore is one of the best. When I learned its history, sure enough, in 1916, it was Spenser and Julie Penrose’s intention to make it a world class destination, just as it is today.

I left a sweater somewhere in the massive resort and thought I’d never see it again. But no, when I called and gave a description, they knew all about it, where I left it and when. I commented on their amazing service and they said, it’s their goal to provide the best customer service in the world.  Now that’s a powerful intention!

We went to the Garden of The Gods – it’s a stunning park of massive red rock formations. Millions of people visit every year. It was bought In 1879 by Charles Elliot Perkins, who told his children that he wanted it deeded to the city to forever be a free public park. That’s another powerful intention.

I also learned that the poem, America The Beautiful, was written in 1893 by Katherine Lee Bates, a Wellesley English Professor and author, after being awestruck by the view on top of Pike’s Peak. She is another person with powerful intentions. Her book on the history of American Literature is still in use today as are some of her social activism projects. Through her work, her legacy and powerful intentions live on.

What’s involved in making your intentions that powerful? Here are my thoughts on how the Laws of the Universe support the implementation of powerful intentions.


Everything we create starts as an idea. Most of us live too small. We assume we can’t make things happen and don’t try or go big enough. I’m guilty of this and am working on making my ideas and vision bigger. An article on our non-profit was just published in a local magazine, so we are on the right track.

This is the Law of Mentalism in action.  Are your ideas and plans as big as they can be? If you want to leave a legacy that will span many generations, it needs to be big enough to stand the test of time. Give yourself permission to think and plan bigger.

Big things start with big ideas.


In the examples I used, all the starting ideas are based on providing something that helps others. The underlying premise was to do something big that served a greater good.

This is the Law of Correspondence’s role in bringing things into existence. It says that when you are aligned with something greater than you, it influences things in your daily life too. That’s how big ideas  become successful. People love to be connected to something purposeful.

When you serve a greater good, powerful intentions can catch fire.


The more powerful your intentions, the stronger it’s energy will be. There is more invested mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Because the energy of things and ideas attract those who are like minded, its easier to engage other big thinkers in your plans.

This is how the Law of Vibration works. When it comes to getting powerful intentions launched, the bigger your vision, the more likely you will attract big thinking people to assist you in its creation.

The energy of a powerful intention attracts others who are equally powerful.

The Laws of the Universe help us understand how to be successful when launching powerful intentions. Big ideas are often the ones that leave a legacy, that can be enjoyed by future generations. Most of us aren’t dreaming big enough, but the Law of Mentalism tells us it’s simple to switch your thoughts, so you can. When your dreams are also attached to serving a greater good and making a lasting impact on people, it has a greater chance of keeping people’s interest. The Law of Correspondence helps us understand that aligning with higher order principles raises up everyone involved. A powerful intention is also more likely to attract other big thinkers and doers who can help bring a grand vision into being. This is the Law of Vibration telling us “like attracts like”. The more powerful your intention,  the more it’s aligned with something greater than you, the more you will engage with others who have the same connections to your interests.

Does this review inspire you to consider how you can make your intentions more powerful? If it does and you’d like some help working through those details, my Transformation Life Coaching and Counseling can support you in the process. See my website for more details, Use the Free Consultation button to reach me. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo – Arial view of the Broadmore Hotel and Resort from their website





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