How The Power Of Your Intentions Determines Your Success

I’m leaving for Africa to attend two weeks of spiritual festivals, so the topic of intention is on my mind. I’ve discussed this concept  a lot in my Manifestation Course. There are several facets to understanding how the power of your intentions determines your success.

For example, this trip to Ghana isn’t a vacation, it’s not about tourism, it’s a journey of discovery. What I learned from the Ewe tribe’s beliefs and way of life, in a visit two years ago, has greatly influenced my work. It’s why my husband and I eagerly accepted the invitation to come again.

So if I want this trip to be meaningful and want benefit to from it, I have preparation to do. It dovetails with what I’m teaching in the Manifestation Course about the Law of Mentalism, which highlights the importance of clarifying your intentions and the Law of Gender, which says how to balance your ideas with action.

Using myself as an example, allow me to review how I’m operationalizing these concepts to ensure my intentions for this trip are successfully met.

And BTW, this is my last blog for three weeks. There’s no wifi where we’re going. If you’re curious about what I’m learning, I welcome you to check out the travel posts on my Spectrum Transformation Facebook page.

What’s Inspiring You?

Are you aware of the inspiration that sparked your ideas, plans or decisions about your future? The Law of Mentalism says that the more powerful and clearly it speaks to you, from a place deep inside, the more compelling it is. This is the necessary starting point for all things that will mark your long-term success. It’s a personal and meaningful calling that wells up from the inside out.

This trip to Ghana holds that power for me. I recognize the Ewe’s beliefs about the power of personal intention, the power of your thoughts and  power to create the life you want. The Ewe tribe are the keepers of this wisdom. This kind of thinking scares some people because they don’t understand that this is power we all can access . It’s inside all of us. This is what I teach, and I’m inspired and compelled to understand it from the Ewe’s ancient perspective.

You will have more success in what you seek if it’s generated from a spark of meaning and purpose deep inside you.

What Is The Long-Term Outcome You’re Seeking?

I know if I want to have something to show from this amazing travel experience, I have to plan for the outcome right now. My intention is to expand my understanding of their beliefs, which I was amazed to discover dovetail with mine.  I need to find ways to overcome the language barrier between us, so I’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what I see and experience.

With this in mind, I now have an interpreter and will video interviews I have with the spiritual festival leaders. This should give me rich information to help expand my own thoughts on this material.

When you define the long-term outcome, it helps you become clear on the details of what to do to get there.

Does It Align With Who You Want To Be And What You Want To Do?

Beyond having an idea, it’s important to know if it is congruent with your sense of who you want to be. This is a question you must answer at a soul level for it goes deeper than how it looks on paper and what it pays. Does it meet the bigger sense of purpose in your life? And what about how it fits with what you want to do? Do you feel called to do the work necessary to bring your ideas to fruition?

My answers to these questions are that this trip fulfills my sense of purpose to learn more from the Ewe people. I know it will inspire me to take what I’m learning into the world in new ways that people can understand. It adds fuel to my fire.

Clear intentions that are congruent with who you want to be and what you want to do, gives powerful internal motivation for success in the world.

Are You Balancing Your Inspiration With Planning?

To make your intentions successful, you have to balance inspiration with action. This comes from the Law of Gender which says that all creation requires balancing the feminine and masculine. It’s not enough to have an idea, you have to combine the feminine creative inspiration with the masculine organization and planning. Do you have the energy and commitment to do both parts of the work?

When I went to Ghana two years ago, I was inspired and soaked up what I learned. It wasn’t until later that I figured out how to turn it into action. This time, I’m going with both the inspiration and the action in mind.

Do your intentions need more creativity from the feminine part of you, or more masculine planning to make it successful?

This trip to Ghana is part of a bigger vision and intention I have to bring my work into the world. Therefore with this in mind, I’m organizing myself to bring the creative vision into concrete form. This is and example of the power of an intentional idea from the Law of Mentalism combined with action the Law of Gender says is needed to make something successful. Can you see how these concepts  assist you to bring your important work forward?

If you’d like help with this, I’m glad to guide you through this process. You can learn more about how I work by checking out my website www.spectrumtransformation.com. Use my consultation button to reach me if you have questions. And don’t forget to check out my travel posts on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo: Gideon Alorwoyie leading a drum line in the Volta Region of Ghana, 2016 by Connie Milligan





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