Recognize If You Lead With Your Soul Versus Ego


Recognize If You Lead With Your Soul Versus Ego

Leading with your soul verses ego creates a very different life experience. The soul’s focus on love and authenticity is something most of us seek, yet are often redirected by the competitive fear-based orientation of ego. Helping differentiate the two and move toward your soul’s truth is the hallmark of the work I do.

I was helping a client anchor in their soul wisdom, when I realized how profound the difference can be. We rarely pay enough attention to this differentiation of soul and ego or use it to guide us. It’s worthy of a review to explain the difference.

See if this explanation of leading with your soul versus ego helps.


Pay attention to your own goals and aspirations – there is a difference between soul based vs. ego based motivation. Start with your intentions for yourself and notice what drives you toward what you are seeking.

Soul based motivation starts with a desire to put your best self forward, using your innate gifts and talents, knowing they are not only worthy of development, sharing them is essential to being true to yourself. You seek to follow a path that leads to internal satisfaction and a meaningful life, no matter the degree of material success. The goal is internal happiness and authenticity.

Ego based motivation starts with a desire to make a mark, be someone important, the drive coming from a desire to please, impress or dominate others. This path is often determined by achievement, rewards for accomplishment and an accumulation of the outward material signs of success. The goal is external achievement and success.


There is a distinct energetic difference between following a soul based versus ego based path, which you can notice by tuning into the physiological impact it has on your body and your spirit.  

You soul wants to attune to others, includes, collaborates, accepts, and appreciates, even when there are differences. This attunement and connection serves to expand your network, your world view, even your sense of self. It expands you, as if you have no boundaries, and actually this is true – the world is as big as you want it to be. Energetically, you can feel the higher and bigger vibration that this inclusivity and expansion brings.

Your ego has boundaries and definitions of what is included and excluded, the exclusions being those people, places and things that are not similar or represent a potential threat or don’t measure up to certain standards. There is fear underlying this mindset that serves as a form of self-protection, it’s a judgement that effectively closes doors and shuts you down from experiencing things. Energetically, this is experienced as a contraction that carries a lot of anxiety and tightness that pulls you in to exclude.


The emotional landscape of a soul driven life and an ego driven one can be very different. Your emotions are the litmus test determining whether you are being true to yourself, living authentically or being pulled into a lifestyle that has exacting standards and feels more robotic.

 A soul-based life is more emotionally expressive, loving, spontaneous, joyous, balanced and easy. There is congruence from the inside out, with what is felt and believed inside having a direct relationship to what is said and done outside. Problems tend to be solved directly, by taking personal responsibility. Relationships are deeper, with love expressed freely. Trusting yourself and others comes easily and things tend to flow more effortlessly.

An ego-based live style is more controlled, scripted, defined by standards, driven and exacting with an undercurrent of fear. The need for control defines how you show up, so much so that the inside is not always a match to what is said and done outside. Behind the smiling face may be fear and judgement and difficult emotions that must be controlled. The ensuing chaos and drama, with a finger pointing to all the problems out there, makes life challenging and conflictual.

Claiming a soul driven life requires a deliberate decision and a willingness to separate yourself from the pack to define a more authentic lifestyle. It’s a choice that reaps immediate benefits with perks that include real love and friendships, soul satisfying work, and a sense of purpose with roots deep inside you. It includes recognizing that your soul is internally motivated to point you in the right direction to claim your gifts and talents, making an expansive and inclusive lifestyle that feels right for you. You appreciate the love and trust involved and have no regrets letting go of the fear, judgement, and exclusions that limit and contract your life. Living with love and trust, beats out fear and judgment any day. Make a date with your soul and find out for yourself.

Does this interest you? A soul-based lifestyle is your birthright. If you’d like to explore it, reach out to and I’ll offer you a free consultation to see if I can help. I would love to hear from you. 



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