The Benefits Of Community


The Benefits Of Community

Our community showed up in full force! It was Lee’s birthday, both my son’s birthdays and another 8 people, all born under the sign of Aquarius. What do you do with that? Have an Age of Aquarius birthday party of course, complete with the fabulous music of the times.

Lee’s musician friends from Nashville came, our Senegalese friends flew in, Lee’s family all arrived, lots of local musicians showed up and our friends turned out in force. Everyone was decked out in bellbottoms, beads, headbands, peace symbols, tie dye – the works. It was a blast. As they packed the house and a tent to overflow, dancing with joy, someone leaned over and dryly said, “You sure have quite a community here!”

Community is what makes life rich. Since I still have company, I’ll share just a few quick thoughts.  

Community Helps When You Need It

Knowing who your friends are and knowing you can count on them takes a lot of angst out of life. We had lots of help – it takes days to set up with black light and hippie posters, disco lights, Tibetan prayer flags, furniture moved out for the band and dancing, tents, candles, incense, food, and just as much work taking it down. Thank heavens for friends who help.

Community Shares Experiences

The joy was palpable! Having a reason to dress up, knowing you’ll be in good company with fabulous music brings everyone together. Maybe it was pent up demand for a good time, given we’re still reeling from the pandemic. For whatever reason, it was a thrill to be together and create what one called a “treasured experience”, we will long remember.

 Community Creates A Sense of Belonging

There is nothing more cozy and secure feeling than being in the company of people who care about each other. Lee and I have been intentional with that – We love bringing our friends together one party and event at a time. We love bringing in new people and expanding our group. Now there’s the anticipation of a good time, of being together and meeting new people.

Thanks to everyone who makes our community special. We are grateful. And I hope you spread the love where you are too.

Community helps you when you need it, gives you shared experiences and creates a sense of belonging. There is nothing better for adding richness to your life.

Would you like to explore this concept of community? Reach out, being connected to healthy supports is essential. Go to and use my Free Consultation link. I’d love to talk with you.




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