Unite Your Inner And Outer World And See What Happens!


Unite Your Inner And Outer World And See What Happens!

What happens when you unite your inner and outer world? When I drew The World tarot card recently, I realized that this change has become fully realized for me, as that card epitomizes the unity and wholeness of bringing your inner and outer self together. Getting here took a clear decision and determined intention.

It was a goal of mine about 20 years ago, with results that have been life altering. Now I live with joy, spontaneity, deep satisfaction, a clear sense of purpose and spiritual connection. It took years of dark times before I faced the reality that I was not being true to myself. It took making big decisions to change, making my priorities and choices consistent with my values and spiritual beliefs. There is no question that making this a conscious focal point can be life altering.

Here are some guiding thoughts:

Notice What Is Different Between Your Inner Self and Outer Self

Back in the day, I could look happy, engaged and enjoying myself while my soul cried “Stop” on the inside. That lack of congruency is soul and life deadening, making you physically, mentally and emotionally sick over time. I saw my truth and made significant changes before the consequences became serious. You can too. Face your truth.

Identify The Key Points of Change

I needed to change relationships, work priorities and spiritual practices. Once on the path, the change came quickly. When something is right for you, the great spiritual laws guide you to your better place. There is no one to blame, no one else to do the work – you have to take responsibility, trust your instincts, and start the change process.

Seek To Unify Yourself With Everything Around You

As The World card illustrates, there is a joyous dance that occurs when you are aligned with your sense of self, your purpose and everything you choose to have around you. There is a mutual give and take between yourself and the natural world, your loved ones and your activities. There is wonder and joy in the simplest things, a unification that makes life spiritually meaningful on every level. Seek it, notice it in the small details and it will come to you.

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