2018 Year In Review – Where Is Your Life Going?

I am excitedly preparing a workshop that will provide a 2018 year in review and help answer the question – where is your life going? Often, we let the current of life take us along without really steering our own boat. I find It helpful to slow things down a bit, to look at what’s been created so far in 2018 and examine the direction for next year.

At the end of the year, I like conducting a year in review with an eye toward what is calling to be your leading edge of change. It means looking at it from an energetic perspective.  In this realm, we often have more information coming to us from all directions than we process and more choices than we consider. What about tuning into this wealth of helpful and intelligent data? For more on this workshop, (December 8th 1:00-3:00 at Centered) go here:  2018 Year In Review .

Much of my work is based on the Hermetic Principles, which are the underpinnings for the principles of transformation and manifestation. They help us understand that everything is energy in motion and when we learn how to read and harness this energy, we literally are taking control of our life.

Here is how I use the principles to answer these questions:


When you review the events of the last year, you may be surprised at all that has happened. So often we are busy going from one thing to the next that we forget to take stock. If you were to look at each quarter of the year and list all that’s occurred, what do you notice?

Every event holds an energetic signature, which is the Law of Vibration in action. In the class, I have participants imagine the last year as a circle on the floor with each month signified like the lines on a  clock. Walk through the year, starting at 12:00 for January and go clockwise through each month standing in and feeling into the events. Can you pick up the feelings that those events hold? There will be energy in every variety you have experienced, from exciting-difficult, joyous-sad, intense–stuck. Just notice what you have gone through.

Every event has its own energetic vibration, pay attention to what you have experienced in 2018. 


As you walk through your calendar of events and open yourself to the energetics of them, which ones are the most positive? Notice what brings you joy, gives you a lift, and feels satisfying. Some may be fast energy that feels like bubbles rising or slow and deeply soothing and relaxing. Notice the negative energy events too – what drains you, creates conflict, makes you tense, anxious, sad or off balance? Pay attention to the circumstances surrounding the negativity and positivity.

Ask yourself what these experiences represent for you. Which ones are congruent to who you are, and what you value? What facet of your life do these experiences represent, personal or professional? What do the different positive and negative experiences tell you about your life?

The information in the circumstances of both positive and negative events provides important guidance for planning 2019.


In scanning the events in 2018, which ones hold the most potential for your life moving forward? What provides energy that lifts you up, creates an excited buzz or feels deeply congruent to who you are and your life purpose. Stand in each of these and discern what is calling your attention and warrants further development?

This is your leading edge of change. All change starts with an initial spark of new, creative energy. When we pay attention to this energy, we are evoking the Law of Attraction, a subset of the Law of Vibration, into action. Where you put your attention is what you will attract. That’s why it’s important to fully concentrate on what holds your greatest potential, and not scatter your energy in too many directions.

The positive events that hold the greatest possibility of growth and development are your leading edge of change for 2019.


We ultimately have infinite choice. We can notice the positive potential and ignore it or organize ourselves around it and move it forward. Again, the laws of the universe guide us in this process. Just as the Law of Attractive helps us bring more of what we want through our attention to it, the Law of Gender helps us build a creative spark of an idea into a full enterprise.

The Law of Gender teaches us that our mind, body and spirit hold both feminine and masculine attributes of creation. The feminine provides the inspiration, imagination, creative ingenuity, and the energetic attraction to initiate new ideas. The masculine provides the planning, organization,  decisions and discipline to bring it to fruition. We must have both the feminine and masculine qualities in equal balance to move positive potential from inspiration to creation.

Develop a balance of feminine inspiration, imagination and creativity with masculine plans, decisions and disciple to bring your 2019 potential into form.

A 2018 year in review involves recognizing how the laws of the universe provide a template to understand where your life is going. It includes deeply experiencing the energetics of the events (Law of Vibration) that have occurred over the last year and discerning what holds the most positive potential. Deciding what  you want to make your leading edge of change ensures that your attention (Law of Attraction) will be fully on what you want to bring to fruition. Making plans for your future involves utilizing both the feminine inspiration and creative aspects of yourself along with the masculine planning and doing (Law of Gender). Bringing all this together allows you to more fully know where you are going in 2019.  You’ll find more information about it here: 2018 Year In Review .

Does this review highlight something you’d like to more fully understand? If you are in Lexington KY, consider my workshop on Dec. 8th at Centered from 1:00-3:00 – 2018 Year In Review. If you are not local, this work can still be effectively done over the phone, Skype or Zoom as energy has no boundaries! For more information on my work or to reach me, see my website and use my Free Consultation button. I would love to hear from you!





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