“Get Real” – What Does That Mean?

After conducting two workshops this week, I realized there was an overarching message, an urging to get real and know what that means. The first workshop focused on developing a Fruitful Meditation Practice to access and enhance your core essence. The second was on a 2018 Year In Review to find your leading edge of change and foster your best potential. Both involve learning to shine your light and get real.

Yes, I know, “get real” is an often-used phrase to confront someone who is not facing reality, is overly optimistic or is being naive. I’d like to suggest it also means something much deeper.

What is involved at the deeper level?  See what you think of these workshop ideas that centered on the steps we can take to get real:


In the meditation class, we discussed how one of the most exciting aspects of a practice is learning how to create alignment from the inside out. Often the pressures and expectations of our professional identity, family and even social media force us to look and act a certain way. When we go too far to be what others are looking for, which can happen easily, we lose touch with our essential essence.

Alignment means your core self is integrated into every aspect of your life. How you think and feel on the inside matches how you react and interact on the outside with your family and friends and in your work life. This has been the most rewarding aspect of my practice and it’s literally changed my life.

Alignment means there’s no separation between your soul’s sense of self and the person who shows up personally or professionally.


Most of us are so busy with life that we don’t have perspective on our importance in relation to the whole. When we’re on auto pilot rapidly going from one thing to another, it’s hard to see the impact and to understand our value. Consequently, there is an alarming lack of self-awareness and self-confidence that comes from being on life’s treadmill.

This is one of the benefits of meditation and doing a year in review. Both allow you to slow down enough to recognize the difference you make. Meditation can help you connect to everything, so you understand that you have a role and are needed. When you look at your actions over the course of a year, you recognize the impact you have made across many spheres of life.

You are more important than you realize, it’s time to take yourself seriously. 


Have you noticed the repetitive patterns of behavior you’ve adopted over time? Work often requires that we use certain aspects of ourselves more than others. Usually it’s our masculine planning, organizing, action-oriented side. What about our feminine intuition, inspiration and creativity, does it have a role? Our patterns in friendship and love tend to become routinized as well. What parts of yourself are missing expression?

In the Year In Review workshop we explored how new ideas or plans require a balance of feminine and masculine qualities to be completed. This concept, from the Law of Gender, provides a template to understand how the inspired, creative feminine side of you must be matched by the planful, action oriented masculine side, if you want to see ideas comes to fruition. If you’re feeling stuck, it might help to see if one side is dominating your life, keeping you from flourishing.

Balance your qualities of feminine inspiration with masculine action if you want your dreams to flow from imagination to reality.


Getting real is an invitation to stand in your power and be fully and wholly yourself. Decades of negative socialization and their resulting negative thoughts can hold you prisoner from claiming the truth of who you are and what you are capable of being. It’s time to let all that go.

I am an advocate for meditation as an easy, no cost method to learn about yourself and claim your power.  When you connect to both the grounding earth energy below and the inspiring divine energy above, you realize everything is important – including you. In the silence and stillness, you gain knowledge and understanding about yourself. It’s humbling to see how you serve an important role and fit into a bigger pattern of life.

Claiming your power isn’t about ego, it’s about knowing the truth of who you are.

Next time you say, “get real”, think about it from this broader perspective and check in with yourself. Are you shining your light as your full and authentic self? This involves aligning yourself from the inside out, so you are true to yourself in all aspects of your life. It means knowing that you are here for a divine purpose and to honor it. It means utilizing all the feminine and masculine parts of yourself, so you can create a satisfying purpose filled life. When you have done these things, you will be standing in your power. The difference between this intentional living and being asleep at the wheel, like most people, is stunning. Get real – create the life you want!

Does this review highlight anything you’d like to explore in more depth? My Transformational Life Coaching and Therapy are designed to launch you toward claiming your gifts and personal power. If you want to know more, I welcome your inquiry. Visit my website and use the Free Consultation button to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!




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