A Message To Honor Love


A Message To Honor Love

A message to honor love has come to me from many directions. It has floated in like an invitation from friends, some I haven’t seen in a while, from a family whom I’ve reconnected with from long distances. I have been reminded of it in articles, on subjects ranging from research to spirituality and the incredible NASA Webb photos. And I continually feel its presence with my pets and in the beauty of nature.

This confluence of information helps me notice the many forms love takes and the many paths on which it flows to you. It is interesting when this happens, coming in waves, as a sign to pay attention. I have learned that there is usually a reason if nothing else, a gentle reminder to consider the importance of love in our life.

Here is the direction my thoughts have taken.


If the pandemic has taught us nothing else, it is to recognize with tremendous gratitude the importance of our relationships. Thank heavens for Lee, enriching my life with his extraordinary music, loving-kindness, love of cooking, intelligence, and diverse interests we share. Thank heavens for our remarkable, loyal friends who keep each other afloat, for family near and far, who reach out to connect. Our pets’ unconditional love gives our lives meaningful structure, especially when everything fell apart. And our beautiful neighborhood and community with its majestic trees, parks, enriching activities, and chance meetings with fascinating people provide such a safe haven. I see it all as an incredible blessing.

What relationships have held you afloat, giving you a sense of purpose and meaning? Give thanks to the love partners, friends, family, and pets who have seen you through hard times and continue to be by your side. Appreciate the environment this embodies that holds you in love.


The remarkable photos from the James Webb space telescope have highlighted how vast our universe is and how we are all interconnected. What happens to one happens to all, even billions of lightyears away. It is a staggering realization. As a student of the Hermetic Principle, the Law of Cause and Effect, I like to be reminded that our actions can be both the cause and effect for everything around us. This is particularly true with how we experience love.

Consider how you respond to everyone and everything around you with love. Your loving responses to the people in your life make a ripple that expands exponentially – you are creating a wave of goodwill that positively influences everything. Notice how you consider and care for your pets, your home, your work, your garden, and even your car and appliances in your life. The nature and ways of all your actions will be shown as caring and loving or disinterested and disconnected. It all has consequences of equal proportion. Make it loving.


Love is an awesome power that can soften, heal, transform, enrich and nourish everyone and everything it touches.

It is at the heart of all creation. As we struggle with conflicts generated by the polarities of politics, media, war, religion, and the very nature of capitalism; consider how loving thoughts, words, and actions cut through all of it and neutralize it. It’s the salve the world needs.

Please consider to whom and where you direct your loving attitudes and actions and take special notice of the impact you make. Look at it with wonder. You have the power to change everything around you with your love. Use it with care, with joy, and with abandon!

The message coming from many directions to honor love has made me think of its importance and its power. Consider your relationships with gratitude, noticing how love exists in them. Notice your interconnectedness and how love governs the cause-and-effect relationship between your actions and the impact you have. Look at the power of love with wonder and do what you can to keep it going.

Does this message to honor love speak to you, even if to highlight how you would like more of it in your life?

Reach out, my Transformational Coaching and Therapy provides a safe place to explore how you can structure your life to be more affirming and supportive so you can give and receive more love. Go to www.spectrumtransformation.com and use my Free Consultation form to reach me. I would be happy to hear from you. 




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