Do You Have Courage – To Be Your Own Hero?


Do You Have Courage – To Be Your Own Hero?

Courage comes to mind when thinking about the recent political actions that are being taken. Alvin Bragg is my new hero. But looking around, there are many everyday heroes. My nephew is standing up for what’s right in the Navajo nation, I’ve seen Lee speak out at meetings about what needs to change and I’ve worked with friends and colleagues to get courageous things done in Kentucky too.  

So what’s involved – what gives you the courage to be a hero? Here are some thoughts.  

You Speak Up

Speaking up doesn’t take much, but certainly can have repercussions. Having the courage to say something when you think things are out of line and need a course correction is always a first step. Doing that even if it’s not popular and doing it in a way that will be heard is essential.  I do it a lot in my work – with clients, with our court program and when I consult. I find if I don’t, it will eat at me until I do.

A Sense of Justice and Doing the Right Thing Drives You

Being driven to do the right thing, taking the high road, being willing to make a sacrifice of time, effort or money toward it are all ways we can show courage. Taking action for a cleaner environment, being kind to animals, speaking out about injustice, pointing out what is needed, saying your truth. Note how many of these things you do regularly.

You Take Action – Without Fear Of Reprisal

The taking action part gets harder. How do you do that? I’ve watched my colleague, Kelly Gunning, take on many tough issues. She goes straight into the heart of matters, speaking up, and clarifying the details of what’s involved in doing the right thing. It takes years sometimes, 7 for the big things she’s accomplished, like getting a new state mental health hospital built and passing needed legislation. She and I got the Fayette Mental Health Court program started. We both have a reputation for getting things done. She’s my hero too.

Think about what’s important for you and how you can push yourself to be more courageous to address it. Stand up, speak up and do what’s right. Even pushing yourself to move forward when you are depressed or discouraged counts. Be your own hero!




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