Expressions Of Joy


Expressions Of Joy

The international music event Lee has been working on for two years finally came to fruition this week– and it was joyous! It was a testament that when you put your heart and soul into something it can be returned in kind.

It was a lot of work, it was complex, and it involved musicians from three West African countries and countless hours. Since our non-profit, GreenRoom Exchange, is a small organization, with a small board, it was mostly on Lee and Alioune Guisse, the Senegalese singer/composer he worked with to pull it off, with me providing critical support. And they did it! Alioune wrote ten songs, Lee produced them and their show was truly outstanding. It was transcendent, lifting people up in a way we haven’t seen before.  (Record to be released later).

I’m attaching some pictures and brief videos to capture the spirit – but honestly, none of it captures the joy. The director of the theater said she had never seen so many happy people in the room and it had to be one of the best shows they’ve ever had. It certainly felt that way. And the garden music party we hosted the next day had a lovely magical intimate vibe as well.

The significant factor that made it so joyous was it was personal. It was a demonstration of what can happen when people from different cultures, with similar commitments to what they love join forces and act on the trust they have in one another.

It was a full expression of love. That is exactly the objective of our non-profit, to demonstrate that across the world, we are more alike than different.

The moral of the story – give what you love your all – surround yourself with others who have the same commitment and push into it with your whole heart. No matter the outcome, you can’t go wrong – it is worth the effort!

Garden party improvisation featuring Lee Carroll on keys and Senegalese guitar, kora and percussion.




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