RELAUNCH – Clear Out What No Longer Serves You


RELAUNCH – Clear Out What No Longer Serves You

It was time to clear out the clutter from our past. We had a storage unit full of things from Lee’s move here, a basement full of boxes and closets full on every floor. Needless to say, the yard sale this weekend was big. We were ready to clear out what no longer served us. This is part of what’s necessary if you want to “Relaunch” and Make Your Transformation Happen”.

We forget that if you want to start something new, it’s necessary to clear out the old. I am sentimental, so I hold on to things. I guess I like the memory and the emotion that’s evoked. But in truth, unless the memory is special and important to your life going forward, it’s energy is probably holding you back.

Yes, there is energy in the things around us, in our thoughts and in our patterns of behavior. It all lingers and literally energetically clutters our current vibrational environment.

On Oct 7 and 8th, I am conducting a two-part workshop on this topic. The first part is focused on identifying what needs to be cleared out and deciding to release it so you can raise your expectations to bring in something that is better aligned to what you seek. The second part is on creating a new template for your transformation.

Let’s look at the steps involved in the clearing out process. I’ll cover the second part of the workshop next week. See if this speaks to you.


There are many levels and types of change to consider. For each facet of our life from love, friendship, work, health, finances, and physical environment, to name a few, we have patterns of thought, actual practices and stuff that impacts the rest of our life.

The deeper we’re willing to look at ourselves and address our patterns in any facet, the more we can create lasting change. What are the areas that bring you great satisfaction; what areas are a source of distress? Often when you compare the two, you will notice that you may be thinking and doing things very differently in them. What does this tell you? The contrast can inform you of the change that is needed.

Look at all areas of your life – what’s working and what’s not – determine the starting point for the change you want to happen.


Our mind, body and soul each carry their own form of knowledge. The more we learn to discern their unique language and form of communication the more we’re able to know when change is needed in some part of our life.

We know the mind communicates our thoughts. In what areas are your thoughts negative, scared, depressed or anxious? If there is a facet of your life that holds the negativity, that’s where I’d recommend focusing your change.

The body holds our feelings from positive to negative. The negative ones, like depression or anxiety, can signal something is amiss. When they aren’t addressed, they often manifest in the body as illness like HBP, back aches, and digestive issues. What is your body/feeling state telling you about the area of change that needs consideration?

Your soul holds your truth. If you are on the right path, you’ll know it from the uplift and energy you feel. Conversely, an empty hollow feeling can signal that things are amiss. We’ll practice focusing on the soul’s knowledge to fully know where change is needed.

Understand the language of the mind, body, soul and learn to pay more attention to your soul wisdom.


Do you know how to tap into your soul’s truth? I’ve found that meditation helps the most. It allows the mind to slow down enough to hear its subtle messages. Often it provides information in the form of clues or symbols that only you understand and has it’s own positive energy. We’ll practice understanding what your soul’s saying and tune into it’s energy.

When things happen like magic and your path rolls out in front of you, you know you’re on the right track. When you’re blocked at every turn, it may be telling you things aren’t right.

Learn the subtle language of the soul and tap into it to make the most effective change.


Often, we’re not reaching high enough to bring in the life that we want. Literally, we need to raise our expectations for ourselves, not lower them. By looking at what needs to change, there are simple techniques to begin moving the bar up.

When you experience your soul’s perspective, you can create a new vision for yourself that has you eager and excited to move forward. By imagining and feeling your best, you have a new energetic template to motivate your transformation.

The positive images and feelings of change help you raise your expectations of the transformation you seek.


To sanctify the change process you want to launch, it’s helpful to use a ritual.  Joseph Campbell, whose life work focused extensively on myth and ritual, says that the point of a ritual is to “throw you out” of your usual experience. I discovered this in powerful rituals in Ghana last summer. They created a mental, physical and spiritual shift for my change.

Borrowing on my experience in Ghana, everyone in this workshop will create a purification ritual to do at home. It will help shift your energy, clarify your intention and prepare you to “Relaunch and Make Your Transformation Happen” in the second part of the course. Stay tuned for those details next week!

Does this process sound interesting to you? In the first part of the workshop, you will clear out what no longer serves your best interests in these steps: 1. identify what needs to change, 2. understand it’s impact on your mind, body and soul, 3. know your soul’s truth, 4. raise your expectations and 5. create a clearing ritual. Next week, I’ll write about what you can expect in the second part of the course!

If you are interested in knowing more, see my website and reach out to me through the Free Consultation Link or message me here. I’m happy to answer any questions. This course is being conducted at Centered on Oct 7th and 8th from 1:00-4:00. Call to register at 859-721-1841. I’d love to see you there!








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This is a great way to be introduced to Connie’s work and to discover if her Transformational Coaching would be helpful for you!