The Importance of Developing Your Third Eye

The third eye seeing is different and increasingly important right now. It’s the ability to see from your wisdom center, your intuition, your higher consciousness. Why is it important and how do you develop this ability yourself?

I was thrilled to recently read Richard Rhor’s meditation on third eye seeing. He talked about the difference between the 3 different ways of seeing. 1) Physically seeing – with your eyes and thought 2) Through the eyes of reason from meditation and reflection and 3) Third eye seeing – from true understanding and contemplation.

He makes the point that third eye seeing, commonly ascribed to seers and mystics, is markedly absent this day, being different from an ego-based power orientation. Yet it is needed more than ever in religion, politics, and government if we are going to address the many problems in our world.*

Learning how to access your third eye, or wisdom center is something I’ve been focusing on for a while. Here is how you can develop yours and why is so important.


The starting point for seeing with your third eye is understanding that it is a perspective that you can learn to access. Think of it as a higher vantage point, like a scenic overlook, that allows you to see the whole scene at a glance. You see the big picture, the interconnections between things, and how things flow. You are literally seeing things for what and how they are.

You can develop this skill through meditation and mindfulness. It allows you to see the how and why things became the way they are. It gives you a greater understanding and illuminates the many factors that brought things to their present point of being. Use this perspective in social situations, family issues, and political and civic scenarios. You’ll see things with greater understanding and wisdom.


This higher perspective seeing moves you past dualist thinking. Things are no longer simply good or bad, liberal or conservative, right or wrong – they simply are. There are no more us-vs-them and ego-based power struggles. There is a higher-order truth that accounts for all perspectives and understands it.

When you move into this non-dualistic thinking you are considering what is good for everyone. There is no more reactivity – you see everyone’s perspectives. It’s a leadership skill that is remarkably lacking right now – the ability to shine a light on the truth of situations without taking sides. Maybe you can help by raising your light with more third eye seeing?


One of the many benefits of third eye seeing is it enhances your compassion and understanding. It provides the wisdom to truly accept and understand the why of people’s beliefs and behavior. It helps you respond at a heart level without judgment.

Think of all the settings this would be helpful to you. It would calm family distress, and allow you to connect with children and loved ones. It would give you the voice of wisdom in your work, civic involvement, and social causes. You would be able to stay calm, present, and grounded. The world needs this now – you are needed. Please make the effort to develop this skill.

The third eye seeing is not just reserved for Saints, it is a skill any of us can develop. Through meditation, mindfulness, and clear intention, you can develop the ability to access the big picture wisdom perspective of your third eye. It will eliminate dualistic thinking, so you understand the how and why of things. And it creates compassion so you can be the voice of reason and wisdom in all aspects of your life.

Does developing the third eye seeing speak to you? If you’d like to explore how to do this, reach out. My Transformation Coaching and Therapy can help you develop this skill. Go to www.spectrumtranformation.com and use my Free Consultation link. I’d love to hear from you.

*Richard Rohr – Center For Action and Contemplation, daily meditation June 3, 2022





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