Claiming The Gift Of Your True Nature


Claiming The Gift Of Your True Nature

Claiming your true nature was a theme for many of the speakers at a Tedx event I attended in Ocala. I was struck by how many people told stories of overcoming adversity to finally find their true nature. Their hardship helped them face their truth and come home to themselves – their stronger better selves.

Whether it was from triumphing over economic hardship, facing prejudice and discrimination and standing strong, leaving an unhappy relationship, or triumphing over social and cultural expectations, the results were the same. They faced their hurt and claimed their true nature. Thanks to their determined decision, they are doing it!

How do we claim the gift of our true nature? Here are some of my thoughts:


It sounds like a simple enough premise – trust your instincts. Why is it so hard? Our instincts are one of the powerful wisdom gifts from our soul, but our western culture favors rational thought over our instinct’s knowledge. Consequently, we often think away the instinctive nudges that say something isn’t right. “Give it a little longer, try harder, I must be doing something wrong, I can change it”. And we work harder and harder to create internal balance until finally, something breaks that says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

That breaking point is the soul’s wisdom – talking loudly and repeatedly until we finally listen. Imagine, if we connect to our inner stillness long enough to hear and heed that internal warning. Then we would be honoring our true nature. Listen to the quiet voice inside that tells you the truth – your soul knows.


Being true to yourself is much easier when you are surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones who support you. More often though, there are toxic people involved that are part of the problem. From difficult parents, partners, friends, bosses, or coworkers, concerns about the consequences of releasing them keep people hostage in tough situations. 

Toxic people may disagree with your best-laid plans, plant seeds of fear or doubt, and undermine your confidence with the slightest of comments. Concerns about their reactions tend to take priority, creating a sense of emotional bondage.

Getting freed from the impact of difficult people can start with something as simple as taking your focus off them and putting it on those you can count on. A plan of gradual distancing can work and ease the pain. We need friends and loved ones who match us, see our true nature, and honor us.


Many people have been raised to believe that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”. In business and politics, there’s an art to the diplomacy of finessed comments and opinions. Both situations can leave a person silent.

There is a middle ground and a fine line that must be drawn. It means honoring yourself and not compromising your truth. It means standing up for yourself, saying NO when you mean it, and calmly speaking your mind. This essential skill takes practice, tactful determination, and firmness. The clearer the knowing, the clearer the message can be delivered. Know your truth and speak it, you stand to lose when you don’t.


Give yourself permission to raise the bar of expectation on what you receive in life. More often it’s done in reverse. We raise the bar on what we expect of ourselves, giving more and trying harder, rather than putting ourselves in situations where what we give is received with reciprocity.

Reciprocity is what we all need to glow and grow. When we’re in personal or professional situations that match our nature, there is a flow of exchange. Appreciation is given and received. In environments of mutual respect, it becomes easy and natural to step up, open up and be authentic.

When the flow is blocked and there is limited recognition, it often means you’re not in the right situation. If you’re giving and doing more than you receive, it will ultimately drain you. It’s hard to be happy and true to yourself when you’re depleted and not receiving enough in return. Keep searching until there’s a match.    It is never too much to ask to be respected, recognized, and appreciated.

The world needs you and your gifts. Despite the social and cultural pressures to focus on performance and output, you need room to be true to your creative and imaginative selves.

By trusting your instincts, releasing toxic people and bringing those who honor you in closer, speaking your truth, and expecting more from life, you can shine. You are never so stuck that there aren’t options to give yourselves the gift of your true nature. 

Does this topic strike a chord for you? Would you love the confidence, freedom, and certainly that come from being true to yourself? The Transformational Life Coaching work I do is designed to help you claim your true nature and gifts so you shine and grow. Go to and use the Free Consultation button if you want to know more. I’d love to hear from you!




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