For Those Who Are Longing – There Is No Place Love Cannot Find You


For Those Who Are Longing – There Is No Place Love Cannot Find You

For those longing for something – consider this: At Jazz Fest, one of the singers, Erika Falls, kept saying; “There is no place love cannot find you.” It made me think. It’s something you would say to someone in a dark place of longing, who is alone, hurt, and closed off to possibility. It is like a promise or prayer you say to a lover or scared child.

But what’s most important in the saying is the idea that love or spirit will lift your fears, and erase your hurts, and what you are secretly longing for will appear. It is the elusive belief and hope that carries the message. The power of love, embedded in spirit, faith, God, or whatever you call it, is really at the heart of this, giving everything new meaning.

Join me in exploring this concept.


To know you are loved gives you an immediate sense of security, belonging, and a deep feeling of peace. If you trust that love or whatever you desire will find you, there is an open door for it to come into your life. There is a light and hope in this belief.

When you don’t believe or question it is possible, the sense of lack sets up a barrier that energetically keeps it away. This is where the saying can be like a mantra to help you imagine – love or whatever you want – has a place in your life. You can literally Imagine its existence in your life – in detail and in all forms you desire. That thought and belief begin to open the door, bringing in some light and hopefully allowing it to come into being.


More and more people are closed off in their world, isolated and without supportive communities and the understanding and identity it provides. Staying separate, such as Covid protection or working online, may seem like a justified lifestyle, but it’s pushing people further into a dark place.

Try the thought that love can find you wherever you are. It will set up the belief that you have options, that you can explore and seek new experiences that expand your reality. Think of it as a starting point for change – that will ultimately help you make changes in your behavior. Begin seeking the change you actually want for yourself and watch what happens.


For those who are closed off, in a dark place, or carrying hurt and nursing a wound – please know that there is always a solution and always the possibility of change. The more you focus on the lack and the darkness, the more it will drag you down. It is real – you are not imagining it – you have to do something different.

Turn to your hopes, and your desires and recognize at the heart of it is a prayer for something new, something different. Let the saying speak to you – yes, there is no place love cannot find you – even in your darkest hour. In fact, your darkest hour is often when you are most receptive to recognizing and accepting all the different ways that spirit can help you. There will be someone or some situation that you will instantly know can help you. Look for it – you will find it.

Let this saying, “there is no place love cannot find you”, work its way into your heart. In it is a message of hope about any change you may seek, for love, community, understanding, identity, or spirituality. There is also a message about what we can do for others. Be the love someone else needs and offer your kindness or help.

Does this saying speak to you? If you’d like to explore the hopefulness and spirit-filled light it offers, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy can provide support and direction. Go to and use my free consultation link. I’d love to hear from you.


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