Give Yourself A Message Of Hope


Give Yourself A Message Of Hope

It is Easter – a time of hope, renewal, and new life for believers. Regardless of your spiritual orientation, it offers a message we all need. With so much distress bombarding us in the news, hope is a welcome perspective that gives alternatives to a bleak myopic outlook.

One of the remnants of having grown up in the church is my love of Easter and what it represents. It recognizes the power of miracles, the power of belief, of community, and how that it can transform your life. It is the most hopeful day of the liturgical year, with a promise and perspective that offers you a window into the idea that there is life in spirit and what you believe can change you.

See how this concept of hope can transform you and your world.


Hope is a dream, a vision, a desire for something combined with the feelings of anticipation that it will be fulfilled. It is the beginning of all change, and the foundation of optimism even in the face of difficult situations. It can be practiced in prayer, meditation, journaling, and mindfulness – it changes your mindset and your life.

When you bring hope into your life, you are initiating a thought that is vibrantly alive energetically. It puts the Law of Mentalism and Law of Vibration/Attraction into action. It lifts you up, launching positive feelings about something that represents your personal truth. Hope is a deeply held truth, whether shared or not. This foundational aspect of yourself is powerful and can be life-altering. Go ahead, hope for a better relationship, job, health, home – it is all good. Practice and nurture your hope for yourself.


One of the hard realities of being an adult is recognizing how little control we have over those we love. Our attempts to exercise control are often met with resistance, struggle, or resentment. But hope is different, it is an energetic idea that Is powerful and uplifting.

Whether you talk about your hope for family or loved ones or practice sending out the desire and vision for them energetically, you are shaping your interactions with them. It increases your ability to be more positive with them for your hopeful image changes you from the inside out. Energetically, you are shaping their potential future as well – providing a positive vortex for them to step into. Hoping for positive changes in their life, their health, relationships, and life circumstances, with the passion of love you feel for them, paves the way for them and keeps you emotionally uplifted.


When you extend your hope into your community and world, you are creating a vision that shapes you as much as it shapes the environment around you. Again, as a function of the energetic laws, you are creating a container from which you can mentally, physically, and spiritually spring. It becomes a foundation for action.

When your hopes are specific and targeted to things you’d like to see changed, it becomes the basis for action. Whether you become involved in environmental action, helping clean your waterways, recycling, planting a garden, or getting involved in political action, making contributions, or organizing for change, your hopes and dreams are being actualized.

Hope changes you from the inside out. It creates a positive aura energetically for you, your family, your loved ones, and your community and world. Because hope is both an idea and a positive vibration of desire, you are a co-creator for good things to happen around you. Keep up the hope, and use it as a foundation for personal, family, and social change. The world needs your hope.

If you would like to explore this more, reach out. My Transformational Coaching and Therapy is founded on the principle that working with positive potential, as hope represents, helps you move more quickly in the direction you would like. Go to and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.




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