What’s Your Motivation?


What’s Your Motivation?

Motivation – the thing we all want and at times have trouble finding. It is the key to moving forward in your life, the key to accomplishing your goals, and the driving force behind the action. Having your motivations clearly defined is the foundation for all you do.

When you know what your motivation is serving, it lifts you up to do the necessary tasks and helps you face the dreaded ones. It gives you the extra push to move through hard times, and it provides your internal and external rewards.

Here are some thoughts on how to identify your motivation. What areas of your life do you need more motivation – let’s start there.


With everything we do, there is a reason. When you clearly understand your reason, you know why you choose any activity. Some things are motivated by your own desire, some things are motivated by external factors. In both cases, motivation is increased when what you want is compelling to you – not anyone else.

In looking at the area of your life you want to change – ask yourself why it’s important. Is it related to your relationships, your work, your health, your environment, and your personal development? Give yourself as many reasons as you can find for why you want this change. Are those reasons important to you? How will your life change as a result – how important is that? Focus on the importance.


Making what you want important to you, not others are essential. One way to identify this is to look at it from your soul’s perspective. Your soul sees your greatest good, and your full potential. When you look at what you want from your soul’s perspective it brings in the divine order to your life, you are here to serve a purpose – consider what that is right now. Knowing this helps you define your priorities.

What does your soul tell you? Why is it important, for example, to: finish school, find a healthier, happier relationship, give your best to your family and friends, do a good job with your work, clean up your place, be more active, eat healthily? Can you find the real reason why taking these actions are imperative? The more necessary you can make it, the more you will bolster your motivation. Let your soul’s perspective be your north star to define your motivation.


Your thoughts can either help you keep your motivation high or they can absolutely derail you. Once depressed or self-defeating thoughts take hold, it’s hard to override them. I’ve seen many people with great plans and ideas come to a cold hard stop with negative thoughts. The good news is they can be changed – in a snap.

Bring in your soul’s perspective and change your thoughts to match the truth about why what you want is crucial. Do this every time your thoughts drift to the negative. It takes practice to put a stop self-defeating thoughts, but if you treat it like any bad habit that you have successfully stopped, (like smoking, eating fast food, not exercising) you know that you have to get tough with yourself.


Your feelings are another realm where you can either help yourself get motivated or stop yourself in your tracks. Your feelings are a powerful determinate of whether something will happen or not. If you are excited for it to happen, those positive feelings ramp up your motivation. If you are dreading it, you’ll likely procrastinate. If you focus on the positive, your motivation will increase, helping you succeed.

The tactic for increasing your positive feelings goes back to your Why and your Soul’s perspective. When you realize how important something is, it’s easier to get moving. Other tactics like breaking things into small steps, giving yourself a break, rewards, positive feedback, and having an accountability partner help you keep moving forward. You can do this!

Defining your motivation is one way to make sure you have the drive to make things happen. Follow this simple formula to clarify your motivation. Define why it’s important, find your soul’s perspective to reinforce its importance, match your thoughts to your soul’s view of yourself and stay focused on your positive feelings. These things will clarify and reinforce your motivation.

How steady is your motivation? If you’d like support to increase it or an accountability coach, reach out. It’s a role I love being in. Go to www.spectrumtransformation.com and use my Free Consultation link to reach me. I’d love to hear from you.




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