Embrace Your Potential And Personal Evolution


Embrace Your Potential And Personal Evolution

Embracing your potential and personal evolution is a wonderful concept to consider in the new year. As you contemplate and plan what you want for yourself, remember that your thoughts are the beginning of all change. Take this seriously; it is the start of all great things.

I often conduct a Manifestation Master Class in the new year, which drills into the concept of bringing your potential into being. Instead, this year I am writing about it in a book on this subject, with a working title of “The Abundant Life – Mastering the Sacred Principles of Manifestation”. I would love to share concepts from my book – as a way to stay accountable and foster my own evolution. Please join me! 

So, let me start by sharing what is involved in embracing your potential and your evolution.

You Have Greater Potential Than You Think

We all have within us a blueprint for everything we need to be our full selves. It is up to us to develop and launch that potential. Many factors go into that. A good analogy is to think about an acorn – that tiny seed that develops into a mighty oak tree – if conditions are right. Consider the conditions you need to thrive.

To foster your potential, consider where you are planted, the environment of your home, friends, work setting and stimulation. Consider what you feed yourself, literally and figuratively to provide enrichment. Consider who is around to love and care for you. Take responsibility to put yourself in the best conditions to thrive this year and consider the changes you need to get there.

Be Intentional – Focus Your Thoughts

The more intentional you are about what you want for yourself, the more you can bring those things in. All things begin with an idea, a spark of imagining before you develop it into a full plan. Give yourself time and space to consider the fullness of what you want for yourself. We often think too small. Become clear and determined on the intention of that idea.

That germ of thought, idea, and intention, like an acorn that becomes a mighty tree, needs all the right components to grow. Stay focused and consider all you need. Your intention grows as you concentrate on the positive outcome you seek guiding you through the many steps needed to bring it into being. If you want to learn something new, develop a new service, a different job, or complete a project, consider the distinct steps that unfold from the initial idea. Start at its completion and think backward, to put all the steps on a timeline to help your focus.

Silence Your Inner Critic

Any wonderful idea and plan can be completely derailed if there is a part of you that doubts or criticizes your ability to put it in place. In fact, if you say you would love to have a partner, find a new job or write a book and harbor thoughts that doubt it will ever happen, it won’t. From an energetic perspective, your body uses those two opposing thoughts to simply cancel it out.

If you are familiar with Masaru Emoto’s work on the impact of thought on the development of water crystals, then you know the importance of understanding how negative thought can derail you. Experiments dramatically illustrated how critical, harshly spoken, and thought words repeatedly directed to the water made deformed, twisted crystals. Since we are 55-60% water, we do the same thing to ourselves and our plans with our critical inner thoughts. In fact, silencing that inner critic, and changing your thoughts may need to be a first step if you want positive change in your life. 

Recognize Where You Are In Your Own Evolution

As a culture, we are obsessed with age with demarcation lines for when specific things should be accomplished, not to mention expectations for how we should stay forever young. We make life so difficult with these self-absorbed inner criticisms – isn’t it time to put them away? Your timeline is your own and it is never too late to put focus on your development. More important, consider your evolution from the inside out.

Your evolution includes your emotional maturity, interpersonal effectiveness, spiritual connection, balance, increased patience, compassion, empathy, and intuition, to name a few. Develop these areas of your life and see if you don’t finally find the joy and liberation of self-knowledge that brings spontaneity, flexibility, and ease of happiness. Go ahead and scale those things from 1-10, with 1 being Just Beginning, to 10 being I’ve Got this. What is calling you to evolve? Hold that thought and consider the intention you can put around it. Your personal evolution will serve to expand your potential in all areas of your life!

Expanding your potential and personal evolution is a more holistic way of considering what you want for the new year.

It is deeply satisfying to put your focus on your internal growth process to bring you closer to meeting your life goals. Start with knowing you have more potential than you think, be intentional and focus your thoughts, silence your inner critic, and recognize where you are with your own evolution. It will make this new year more satisfying!

If this is something you would like to explore, reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Therapy provides the structure for this type of personal growth. Go to www.spectrumtransformation.com and use my Free Consultation form to reach me. I would love to hear from you. 




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