Want A Better 2023 – Let The Spirit Lead The Way


Want A Better 2023 – Let The Spirit Lead The Way

Understanding how spirit works in your life has been a life-changing awareness for me. It has reoriented how I do my work, and how I make decisions, and has realigned me to what is important, all to the positive! As you think about what you want this new year to bring, consider how spirit can lead the way in everything you do. 

Each year my New Year’s Day ritual is looking over the last year and clarifying my intentions for the new one. It is a gratifying tradition I’ve carried on for 22 years that helps me track my personal growth and development. Noticing how the spirit works have been the source of many significant changes in my life. I have seen since adopted this perspective, my life radically transform for the positive.

Here are some practices that will help highlight how spirit works in your life.

Pay More Attention And Trust Your Intuition

Your intuition is your internal guide to the role of spirit. Thinking of it as your connection to your true self, which is divinely given, will give you a better perspective on the importance of paying attention to your intuitive reactions to everything around you. Instead of listening to your ego, which is driven to win and stay ahead, tune into your intuition, which represents your best interests and the greater good.

We all have different ways our intuition communicates with us. Known as the seven clairs, they each provide important information. The main ones include having a strong sense of knowing (claircognizance), having or sensing others’ feelings that guide you (clairsentience), hearing a quiet voice inside or outside (clairaudience), or seeing things that symbolically speak to you (clairvoyance). I have all of these to varying degrees. The others include knowing things by touch, taste, and smell. They are all great sources of wisdom. Start paying attention and trust how your intuition gives you important information.

Look For Serendipity Or Coincidence

When you have an idea about something or someone and it seemingly magically appears, this serendipity or coincidence is a sign of spirit working in your life. Notice and appreciate it as a “sign” that you are on the right track. Your intuition and coincidence often work hand in hand.

I can tell you this one indicator has been a foreshadowing of every major positive life change I’ve made. I have been given information or a sign that prompted me to buy my house, adopt my son, make big leaps in my career, marry Lee, and obtain training in Transformational Life Coaching, to name a few. Trusting the serendipitous information, circumstance, or person that pops up and going with it has kept me on track to do what is best for me. I can also say, when I haven’t trusted my intuition and haven’t received these serendipitous signs, I have made poor decisions that I later had to undo.

Spirit is Loving, Compassionate, Kind, and Interconnected To Everything

At the heart of everything spirit based is love. The importance of this can’t be overstated. Spirit sees everything as interconnected. Our actions, interactions, and words with one another and our environment all have meaning and consequences. When viewed from this perspective, you can understand why it is important to lead with love.

Think of all the situations where you have a choice in how you respond or decide on a course of action. If you let the spirit guide you, you will always respond with kindness and compassion in a loving manner. Less than that is usually an indication that you are being ego-driven. It is a sobering awareness that can radically change how you engage with everything around you. It will help you know and act in a manner that upholds what is good and right.

Have A Practice That Enhances Your Connection To Spirit

Making these things second nature takes time and practice. Some people have trusted this since they were young, even if not fully aware, others may fight against this side of themselves and dismiss this kind of knowing. Know where you stand with this. If you want to enhance your connection to spirit, it is like making and keeping a friend. It takes time and attention.

The best practice to improve your spiritual connection is to meditate and journal. Whether you use guided meditations or silence, is up to you. I like silence and white noise because it enables information to come more readily. I use a journal to track my questions and the answers I receive. The use of oracle cards or tarot is another method for receiving information. Regular practice on certain days of the week for a specific amount of time will give you the best results. Make a decision and be consistent, like you do with your friends – when you say you will show up, you do. Spirit will respond more as your practice grows.

Spirit has played an important role in my life since childhood. Over the past thirty years I’ve enhanced it with these practices. Try them for yourself.

Pay attention and trust your intuition, know which gifts are strongest for you and let them guide you. Look for serendipity or coincidence to provide confirmation that you are on the right track. Lead with love, compassion, and kindness in all your interactions and decisions. Adopt a regular practice to enhance and maintain your connection to spirit and watch how your life improves dramatically.

If this interests you, and you would like to know more to enhance your connection to spirit, reach out. My Transformational Life Coaching and Therapy can help you develop your skills. Go to www.spectrumtranformation.com and use my Free Consultation link. I would love to hear from you! 




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